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Followers Of Jherio

Screen Name:[Kaos101]
weapon:sword and enhanced strength in left arm.
Personality: a loner, but is gentle and caring by heart. Will do anything for those he cares about, and will do anything for a girl he likes
History:Born into the civil war. Was taught by his parents that Jericho was a visionary before they were killed, but now sees him as being way too power-hungry and heartless. He doesn't agree with capturing the queen, and secretly helps the King's knights in their quest.

Screen Name:
History:[type your history here!]

Screen Name:
History:[type your history here!]

Screen Name:[fanstypixie]
Personality:funny and gets along with people easly
History: Is very good with sword.She was tought by her grandfather and father who where great swordsmen.She has to hid the fact that she is tring to get the queen out of danger but Jherio is always coming around and she tells him that she was tring to escape again.

Screen Name: [¤♫♪Ģєήίε♫♪¤]
Personality:Playful, clever, A little narcissistic, stuck up
History: He's known well among people for his good fighting skills and for being very clever and sneaky. He came from a very well known family that is known for their wealth.

Screen Name: [My Sky's The Limit]
Personality: Fighting has been her life since she was very young. You could say she's a blood thirsty kind of person. Has no mercy and feels no huilt when it comes to killing, torturing, etc. She's a very sarcastic person and loves to antagonize people to get them to fight her.
History:[type your history here!]

Screen Name: [DragonicTunes]
Name: Diana Anastacia (Dana)
Age: 45
weapon: Katana
Personality: Level headed, calm, and logical in even the most extreme situations.
History: Dana was the only born child into a respected and high standing family, her father trained her in arts of war and the sword instead of 'proper' edicate. When the war broke out all of her known relatives were killed in one of the battles, including the man she was to marry. She was badly injured and by all rights should be dead as well, but somehow when the battle ceased she managed to come out alive. After she was well again she shed her family's tattered armor and joined Jherio to fight and restore their honer. Now she's a bit like an aunt to Jherio's son Amon.

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