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2005-03-25 19:02:38
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The Great Poet of The Western World


Great Leaders:

[Dwemer] - Well, I'm more an writer, but many people prefer poetry over writing, so here the Western World Poet wiki. Poetry is more expressing your feelings and writing is more part of your imagination. All kind of poetry is allowed, exept for *very dirty stuff* of course, it's not for your sake, but for mine, so please... - Also check: Great Writers

[little mel] - ( I'm sure she agrees :P )

The Great Poet:

[little mel] - Ya'll should check out my main girl Mel with her Great Poems

[~*13*~BAMS little syster*~] - Finaly, *expansion* to our list, this great poet is worth reading, was so glad that I wanted to show her poetry, all check the poems.

The Great Poetry:

little mel poetry

sun*moon *star*child poetry     

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2005-03-22 [~*13*~BAMS little syster*~]: Awww....Dwemer u shuldnt have! *starts to blush again!*

2005-03-26 [~*13*~BAMS little syster*~]: i like the picture too, it adds to the page!

2005-04-10 [Peachirach]: Hello Dwember great wiki

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