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Well if you know ~Rika~ from Elftown, then I'm her. That means you probably know of Rika's Fanfics, or my fanfics. Well, I descided to make another one of my Fanfic pages up here. But not with my anime char fanfics like on ET. These will be exclusive for EP. My own stories of fantasy, warriors, dragons, magic, and more. No anime stories. THOSE are exclusive to ET. Get it?
Fantasy and magic stories= Elfpact only.
Anime Stories with my chars= Elftown only.

[Hiei's Girl's OOC@w*iki]- My Own Origanal Characted Descriptions.

001: [Book of Enchantment@w*iki]
Description: A girl who is a decendant from a warrior family continues her families legacy and fights off evil and dragons. Her families powers come from a powerful spell book that has been passed down by the generations. The book is stolen by dragons and the present warrior needs to get it back before the dragons destroy the world.

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