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2009-04-29 21:48:35
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The Hottest Guys of Elfpack

Sorry, it's YOU'RE hot.
Plain and simple you're gonna list the guys that you feel are sexy on EP and then we'll have a voting post whenever there's enough, probably 20 (depending on the activity). Yes, there's already a contest about this but no one's paying attention to that anymore so yeah I'm putting one up and this is [just for fun, so don't get anal about not being posted on here]. ONLY GIRLS CAN POST GUYS ON HERE, SO GUYS, DON'T POST YOURSELF UP HERE.
And also when you're done posting up your EP member, put a hr under it.

Winner receives an awesome postage on their housepage, you'll love it, and oh yeah bragging rights.


1.[afptr18] THE MOFO'ing hottest guy ever! NO one on here can compete to his level of hottness. Nominated by [itweetinHEELS]

2.[~We seduce the dark with pain♥ Leaves EP] his eyes and the way he's such an amazing friend. He's totally do-able. NOMINATED by[itweetinHEELS]

3.[Lyeria]- He is such a wonderful boyfriend...and his eyes...I love his eyes
nominated by [Paer'm Kaelaesar ail Shari]

4.[Combat Engineer] He has a nice body and his eyes are sexy =]
nominated by [itweetinHEELS]

5. [iquit.] he has pretty eyes and he's one of the sweetest guys (no he really is.. =] )
nominated by [itweetinHEELS]

6. [Nicodemus] Clearly the best looking man on EP period. Hands down. No questions asked. Best boyfriend, best friend, lover, soulmate, buddy ever! He literally at times physically sweeps me off my feet, carries me to the rose bushes in his yard and kisses me passionately! - [Midori]

7. [Hedda] He has the most amazing eyes and his grin just makes me want to jump his bones. Tomorrow is our anniversary and i couldn't be happier. Nominated by [Porn★Mentality]

8.[patrick.] he's gorgeous!

9. [Danimal.] He's my world, and he makes everything beautiful in it. ^___^;; And he really is the most biggest try hard romantic in the world. Ive never been so happy! - [/gone]

10.[just some kind of war junky] He's the most beautiful person on the inside, his eyes are beautifully shaped and his body is big and masculine. I think he's hot and that's all that matters. I have been with the most handsome man for 10 months. Nominated by [poopbucket]

11.[VentunoVirus] very cute guy, he has a very nice physique which is very tasteful haha...

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[itweetinHEELS]: lmao yeah i noticed that too.

[Ella xx]: yeah you idiot lol it's short lmao

[itweetinHEELS]: I think [Orestez] should be added, anyone else think so?

[Ella xx]: Well you cant really see him?

[Combat Engineer]: lol she has a point

[itweetinHEELS]: lol you can, well i have.

[Ella xx]: ooh lovely

[/gone]: eee [Danimal.] =3

[treact]: [TOBYCROOKS] >;D

[Porn★Mentality]: omg he IS hot :D

[| Jamie;; |]: So, hottest guys huh?

[itweetinHEELS]: of EP....? yes

[| Jamie;; |]: I do agree that Tobyysaurus is hot. So, any new additions?

[itweetinHEELS]: not so far no, but be glad to add some :D

[| Jamie;; |]: Yeah, I don't know any that aren't already up there. Haha

[itweetinHEELS]: lol i do ..hmm

[| Jamie;; |]: Haha really?

[itweetinHEELS]: well i have to look around for someone whos hot yet legal lol

[| Jamie;; |]: Haha, yeah.(:

[Combat Engineer]: good luck with that one :P

[DeeJay™]: found one.. me :D

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