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2006-08-11 02:26:22
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[Ihsahn] for uhm.... errr.............. ah............. o_o

What I've done

I am a cactuar I have pranced around!!!!!! I have spanked many!!!!!!!!!! I am the pants ninja!! you shall feel my wrath!!!!!!

o yes
I am a member of

Ep contest crew
Elfpack poets
Elfpack's Official Donors

I was one of the guards but I sucked at doing it <.< o well

not that any of those are important

What I will do?

I shall steal your pants and spank you Like a cactuar should! yes hmmm =/ I shall also drive [Sunrose] and [Hedda] to the brink of insanity!!! besides that nothing =/ beside cyber!!!

For how long?

untill I get spanked out of my misery hahahahahaha or banned =(


1. a Bra
3. ME!!!!!!!
4.[Goodbye EP] would support you... if you were applying for something.
o yeah if you really care then Apply to the crew

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2011-04-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Ihsahn, were you bored?

2011-04-01 [Ihsahn]: I was prolly on opiates at that time in my life

2011-04-02 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: prolly

2011-07-26 [Stephen]: Hahaha! I remember this.
Andrew, you use to be so goofy at times. =P

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