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Kaoru is the oldest member of Dir en grey (born February 17, 1974 in Hyougo, Japan) and is widely considered to be the leader of them. He's played the guitar since high school. Other bands he was in before the formation of Dir en grey were La:Sadies and CHARM. He is said to be the peace-maker in the band and always has the last say in things. It's rumored that he scared the other members of the band when they met him. Kaoru likes video games and anime, and is also a big fan of Star Wars. Another hobbie of his is building models from the series Mobile Suit Gundam.

Songs Composed By Kaoru:

Ash (with Die)
Unknown...despair...a lost
mazohyst of decadence
残 -ZAN-
MACABRE -揚羽ノ羽ノ夢ハ蛹-
蟲 -mushi-
鴉 -karasu-
Child prey


"My favorite color is purple an black
Cigarettes i like is Mild Seven Lights
Favorite part of my body is adam apple
Least favorite part of body is hands
I hate karaoke!! >.< I no can sing
favorite season is autumn
favorite time is night
I love eat, favorite food is burger, cheeseburger, sushi, sushi hand roll, takoyaki, chocolate, curry, potato salad, eggwhite, ramen, Kimchi
like to eat sweet food an salty food.
like long haired girl in bikini's ;P
I like Gundam UC, not Gundam Wing and Char's Robot
I no like rollercoaster
Mine first job was at Takoyaki house in department store when i was in high school
other jobs
- cleaning
- pet shop
- salesman
- telephone club
- handing tissues out
- glass factory
- track factory
- security"

Need More?

Kaoru Worship

For a hell of a lot of photos, and to worship them of course ;)

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2006-06-23 [Tyrant Calhoun]: NO! That's not even Kaoru it's an IMAGE HOSTED BY TRIPOD picture! Get your eyes fixed! lol jk, the piccy didn't work.

2006-06-23 [kittykittykitty]: OMG nooooes! But I can see it... he's buterful :D

2006-06-23 [Tyrant Calhoun]: ...I no likey his prominance in teh cheek boniness

2006-06-23 [kittykittykitty]: Why??? He looks so pretty :D I think I'll upload these to photobucket to preserve the linkage...

2006-06-23 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Ahah! Good idea. But..I donno...I just like guys like Kyo more..

2006-06-23 [kittykittykitty]: Of course, you prefer "BARFING, VULGAR, BEAUTIFUL KYOOO!" :P

2006-06-23 [kittykittykitty]: More pictures! <3

2006-06-23 [kittykittykitty]: That I moved to Kaoru worship :D

2006-06-24 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Hey hey! You qouted

2006-06-24 [kittykittykitty]: Ooops... I gave you credit for it on the page now :P

2006-06-25 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Yaaaay! I have credit for my qoute!

2006-06-25 [kittykittykitty]: Your name will be etched into the annals of kaoru worship history for all eterninty :D

2006-06-25 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Yaaay! Yay for my name!...I mean, ,me!

2006-06-25 [kittykittykitty]: Of course :D *runs off to worship him*

2006-06-26 [Tyrant Calhoun]: *Worships him a little and then runs off to worship Kyo*

2006-06-26 [kittykittykitty]: Nnnooooooooo! *grabs you by the arm, taking you to the Kaoru page to bow down to him* >:D

2006-06-26 [Tyrant Calhoun]: No!...I wana worship Kyo kun! Not Kaoru! He is worthy of worship but I he doesn't need any for me.

2006-07-31 [Whiskers]: My friend Gio mistook Kaoru for a girl and caled him "hot"

2006-08-01 [kittykittykitty]: Yay! He is the hottest like a summer heat melting the ice-cream and evaporating the puddles only to reduce it to sticky residue that gradually burns away as it decomposes with the heat as it's catalyst and nothing but the light beaming frm his beautiful face, comparable also to a toasted bug in a rug in the desert under the midday sun who has just finished a hearty meal of fresh chilli con carne. Now let me tell you that's hot! *worships*

2006-08-01 [Whiskers]: I think Die's hot >.> I'd so rub him all over my body XD

2006-08-01 [kittykittykitty]: XD I'd like to see that at some point :D Soemtimes he looketh super warm and sometimes he looks a little cold :/ So I'd say the average isn't even close to Kaoru who is hot all the time :)

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