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Lets Draw Sunny Art Contest


Ever look at [Sunrose]'s house and think to yourself "she is a piece of art" Well here is you chance to express sunrose in your own fashion. Draw [Sunrose] in perfect beauty for her welcome home gifts.


The Rules

1. ALL SUBMITTED ENTRIES MUST BE THE SUBMITTER’S ORIGINAL WORK AND IDEA. This means no reproductions, repostings, copied works, works randomly found on the net, submissions of another Elfpack member’s work, or heaven knows anything else we might have missed. Using another artist’s work without their express, written permission is stealing, and will NOT be tolerated. If a person is found to have submitted stolen work, that person will be permanently banned from submitting any more works, and will be reported to the guards.

2. ALL MEMBERS PARTICIPATING IN THIS WIKI, ENTRANTS OR NOT, MUST BE RESPECTFUL OF EVERYONE ELSE AND THEIR WORK. We, by no means, tolerate any sort of disrespect or drama. If anyone is badmouthing people, being disrespectful or causing trouble on the wiki, they will be added to our banned list. If we find out that anyone from the wiki has badmouthed, or spread rumours about the Wiki, it's members or The Elfpack Staff, that person will be added to our banned list. Any person on our banned list will have their entries & comments deleted. This is meant to be a happy, fun place where people can come to share and support each other, and we are set on keeping it that way.

3. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE ON THE [Sunrose] THEME. No random images, no matter how cool they might look, will be allowed to participate. If an image’s theme does not seem to fit, the artist will be contacted via personal message and given a chance to explain how their work fits the theme. The judges have the last call on what does or does not fit the theme.

4. ENTRIES SHOULD BE 500*500 pixels. Other technical issues will be addressed on an entry by entry basis.

5. NO ONLINE CHARACTER CREATOR ART WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE. We want you to put your blood, sweat, and tears into your entry; make it look the best it can possibly look by YOUR own hand. No entry that honestly shows effort will be disqualified, but the judges still have the final say.

6. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST SUBMITTED BY THE 8th OF September. Voting will commence on the 9th September.

7. HAVE FUN!! (Or we will send [Ihsahn] and his spiky stick after you!! o_O;;)


Some Hints:

-Submitting more then 1 portrait is not allowed, please decide which one is best, or ask the staff which one you should enter the contest with.

-Having a lot of friends vote for you does not mean you will win. (So don't try to mail all your friends, it's even forbidden!)

-Entries will be judged as fairly as possible, with the poll as a guide. Judges ultimatly will make the final decision.



The Submissions

Submissions are at Lets Draw Sunny Submissions
Voting was at Lets Draw Sunny Voting

1st Place Winner: [Mom]


First place winner was choosen by [Sunrose]

2nd Place: [Asrun]


3rd Place: [nevan]



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2006-08-23 [FireGypsy]: This sounds like so much fun! I havent picked up my pencils to draw in a long time! Maybe Ill give this a shot!

2006-08-23 [Ihsahn]: you should :)

2006-08-23 [FireGypsy]: I drew what I think came out as an awesome picture! But I dont have a scanner! *pouts* damnit! Ima have to take a picture of the picture, so its going to be crappy, and my cameras batteries are dead, and my camera phone sent the pictures to my services site for my pictures, but it seems to be down, so you might have to wait a day or two to see it. I love drawing!

2006-12-28 [Monster Master]: So, when are the winners announced?

2007-01-21 [nevan]: They have been now :3

2007-02-22 [Morningstar Rising]: I was wondering are we still going to get badges for being in the contest.

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