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2012-01-30 06:14:52
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Storytellers PoV

What a long day at work! A fucking long ass one! I hate my god damn job. Today was dealing with ignorant twats all day, half of the can barely hear you because either A. they have a bounce bubbly cum dispersion in their arms RIGHT HERE THE FUCKING PHONE! Or B…they’re blaring that talentless music cRap. AGH, not to mention…myh co-workers!

There’s Janine, whom is the office whore, today she walked in with a brand new dress that must of set her back four hundred pounds, the dress was lovely, but not something she should be wearing to work, I mean..the dress came alllll the way to her TWAT! I think I actually saw it when she bent over…dumb skank needs to wear some panties once in awhile, a not try to fuck the boss every chance she gets.

There’s Anorld too, the dimwitted bitch, only bloody reason he has a god damn job here is because he’s the bosses illegitimate son, FUCKING ‘ELL the guy I swear cant’ even learn how to open an email without asking for help!
AND there’s my boss…the biggest dick in the office…I swear the fucking asshole won’t keep his perverted eyes off of me! That dirty old coot needs to stop thinking with his dick and trying to feel up my skirt! That’s fucking it, I fucking quit this god damn job, but first…I’m going to give every one of them a piece of MY FUCKING MIND!

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