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2007-06-21 09:39:31
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poison nightshade

[played by][Velvet Dreams]

Nightshade is the leader of the wood army, he is highly train and his perfered weopans are
<img:>a long bow and arrows <img:>twin swords and many poisons.

nightshade is very nice,polite very gentleman like but can be a force not to mess with.

Nightshade has grow up in the woods he dus not know his family he has been learning the ways of combat. He is very skilled in all of the arts of war from the stratery to the fighting. Nightshade has wears a mask but we are unsure why. He is said to be able to contral the woods with a small wooden flue. He lived in the woods peacefully untill he saw a beautyfull lady walk the woods he heard her name was Mage. trying to find his new found love he ran into Jherio who told him the story of Mage and Nami and to win Mage's heart he swor to help him.

when nightshade gos to war he has very distintive armour


he is said to move like a cloud of smoke.

to see the Followers Of Nightshade the wood army click here

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