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2006-10-24 23:47:26
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         Nobody loves you, admit it. Psychos, Witchs, The Morbid, Stoners, Vampires, Cutters, and the all out freaks are welcome. I would add midgets, but they're too cool for people to hate them. Anyways, do whatever you want.

         By the way...if nobody loves your banners either,post them up here.

  01) [Toad] creator and skitzo keeping up with the place
  02) [pimpinpink]
  03) [♥☆♥Rainbow Bright♥☆♥]
  04) [devilishkidd]
  05) [KuraiSenshi]
  06) [Toxic Misery]
  07) [chronic] has an obsession with kicking [Toad]'s ass in every room.
  08) [Miss Vicious.]
  09) [Crawfish]
  10) [female_lover]
  11) [BlackTearsCry]
  12) [WiccanMemories]
  13) [Love like Winter.]

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[Toad]: Oh yeah, what's on my shoulder?

[KuraiSenshi]: a floater

[Toad]: woohoo.......................................................................kkilllllllyooooooouuuuuuuuuurrrmmmmmmmooooother

[n/aaaaa]: XD

[Toad]: That's something good to say during an orgy.

[KuraiSenshi]: haha, 'ye haw ride me baby lets do it harder harder kill your motha!

[Toad]: Exactly! Doesn't that turn you on?

[KuraiSenshi]: lol i would get up. slowly put on my clothes and walk out of the room like i was taking a stoll.

[Toad]: Why?

[chronic]: does same, toad im kicking your ass.

[Toad]: Why?

[KuraiSenshi]: lol. because its not exactly a turn on when some one says kill ya motha. ya see if someone said that in the middle of doing it it would be like they just ripped off your boob. ya see not too sexy

[chronic]: Ha Ha.

[ickle mrs bozwell]: yaymy kind of site

[KuraiSenshi]: *does a random pelvic thrust*

[BlackTearsCry]: yall need a banner

[Toad]: true...ponders on that thought but does nothing

[tenten]: hi<img:mood-gif.gif>

[tenten]: <img:sutN.gif>

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