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Ode to Redheads

A Chat Wiki! For anyone...even if you dont have red hair =P
Invite anyone you want, Kimmi doesn't care ^_^
And to keep this from looking too crowded
place any redheads you want here
Redhead Directory



(Too funny not to put up)


Simone Simons from the band Epica

Shirley Manson






Isla Fisher

Amy Adams; an actress who has played various roles including the lead role in Enchanted, and also was in an episode in Smallville

Renesmee Cullen from Twilight. (Daughter of Bella and Edward.) {Not tell "Braking Dawn."}

"Of course, part of the problem with redheads is that there aren't enough of them. They make up just two percent of the population. So they're pretty extraordinary. Redheads are too numerous to be ignored, too rare to be accepted."
Grant McCracken

"You'd find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair," said Anne reproachfully. "People who haven't red hair don't know what trouble is."
-Anne to Marilla in Anne of Green Gables

"Blondes are noticed but redheads are never forgotten."

"Nobody who has known a redhead can say that redheads are tame. Even shy redheads have a burning spark of adventure inside them. Opinionated, hotheaded, logical, loyal, friendly, reserved, whatever the redheads' personality, you can bet they'll have SCADS of it!"
-Review of The Redhead Encyclopedia

"When a fellow has a home and a dear, little, red-haired wife in it what more need he ask of life?"
-Gilbert in Anne's House of Dreams

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2009-03-09 [MON CAUCHEMAR CHIMIQUE]: gosh -yawns- kizuki can play thy guitar hmm cool

2009-03-09 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: my stupid ex teached me -_-

2009-03-09 [Boomnesss]: ....

2009-03-09 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: but i'm getting better then him ^^

2009-03-09 [Boomnesss]: hehee, sweet

2009-03-09 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: XD

2009-03-09 [Boomnesss]: heheeheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

2009-03-09 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: i can show you want me and my cuzin kai can play ^^

2009-03-09 [Boomnesss]: ^________^ i cant play guitar at i can play some piano

2009-03-09 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: XDD

like i can show you this vid that me and kai can play

2009-03-09 [Boomnesss]: hehe sure ^_^

2009-03-10 [MON CAUCHEMAR CHIMIQUE]: ello everyone

2009-03-10 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: ello

2009-03-10 [MON CAUCHEMAR CHIMIQUE]: whats up with everyone

2009-03-10 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: *shrugs* i dont know...hey do you have msn?

2009-03-10 [MON CAUCHEMAR CHIMIQUE]: mhm mon has msn

2009-03-10 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: can mon add me >_<

2009-03-10 [MON CAUCHEMAR CHIMIQUE]: indeed i shall

2009-03-10 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: yayness

2009-03-10 [MON CAUCHEMAR CHIMIQUE]: woot i see you got thy message

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