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2006-12-19 21:40:13
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yea so i guess im taking over this wiki since the real owner decided not to finish it.

phillip (vocals)
dimebag (guitarist)
rex (bassist)
vinnie (drums)

If YOU HAve CAble Then WatCH VH1 And WATCH BEHIND THE mUSIC Of PANTERA..i hope it makes you cry cuz it made me cry big time, just watchin dimebags brother tear up...

cant get em yet but i will very soon!

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2005-04-30 [whats wrong with their mind!!!!]: i started this page i would highly apreciate if someone could make a bannner...cause im so illterate with that shit...and i still cant belive this page hasnt been started guys common!!

2005-05-17 [666Louise666]: hey ill make a banner for u i love panter

2005-05-17 [666Louise666]: a

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