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[Peachirach]'s Poetry



In a valley all alone
Past a path of cobblestone
Lay a castle near a glade
Built from boulders all hand made

Past the drawbridge and the stair
Sat a lovely maiden fair
Trapped behind a heavy door
In the penthouse the top floor

Guarded by a dragon mean
A spell cast by an evil queen
Trapped the princess in this state
She was getting quite irate

One morning peering from her sill
She saw a prince across the hill
She screamed "hey you yes you my lad
Come save me I am oh so sad”

Amadeus looked up high
There he saw the maiden cry
Since he was such a manly prince
Saving her would be a cinch

He rode his horse up to the door
He took his jocks off so unsure
He wore his jocks over his pants
And then he did a hero dance

The stupid dragon he forgot
He must have left the door unlocked
Amadeus went inside
He left his noble horse untied

He climbed the stairs without a care
And freed the maiden oh so fair
She said “you surely took your time”
He said “oh great she’s learnt to whine”

She waited to be carried out
The prince looked sad began to pout
Why did he leave the path of cobble
He could have been in much less trouble

He picked her up and threw her down
She screamed so loud and bounced around
“You’re much more heavy than a bag
Walk yourself you lazy slag”

The maiden glared and yelled at him
Amadeus kicked her in the shin
“Shut your trap ungrateful slob
Go and get a paying job”

They walked together past the dragon
He locked the maiden in his wagon
He sold her to his servant boy
Then kept on walking full of joy

Amadeus walked alone
On that path of cobblestone
With no baggage to be dragging
Best of all there was no nagging

He was free from the maiden scrub
So he sat down at the pub
With the money from the sale
He bought a beer and ginger ale.

I stumbled upon myself

I stumbled upon myself last Autumn
Somewhere between the ground and all the trees
I lay in the shadows in shades of grey
Staring up to the sky at falling leaves

I felt the leaves like a kiss on my cheek
I thought of those days when that kiss was real
Somewhere far away in a memory passed
How I miss the love my heart used to feel

I closed my eyes and listened to the leaves
They rustled and crackled with the fresh air
The breeze died down and then the silence fell
It was so quiet like nothing was there

I stumbled upon myself last autumn
Somewhere between the ground and all the trees
I was at one with myself last Autumn
There in the shadows where nobody sees.

One person one difference

1 thousand summers rolled into one day
1 million strands of gold lost in the hay
1 billion lonely hearts waiting for love
1 trillion angels are soaring above

1 person walking to their own beat
10 people waiting but none of them speak
100 strangers who could have been friends
1thousand people who's life this day ends

1 person walking along to another
10 people talking about one and the other
100 strangers have now found a friend
1000 people have started again

1 person walking on a summers day
Stopped by and admired the fields and the hay
1 lonely heart is no longer alone
His faith in humanity has found it a home.


When the day is done
And the night must fall
when the sun goes down
You shine most of all

Though it's dark outside
Trees are making sounds
The breeze is blowing softly
Through the leaves upon the ground

Let me shine so brightly
Let me shine like you
You don't even know it
But there's certain things you do

You love me when I'm sleeping
Hold me when I'm awake
You gave my life its meaning
With every breath you take

You make me feel emotion
With every word you say
You are my hearts desire
You are my night and day

You've made me feel so special
I love you this is true
You are the stars the sun and moon
I shine because of you.


You took me for a walk
On a long and winding path
You told me we could make it
And that our love would last

You shared with me your stories
On a warm and sunny day
Though now I can't remember
All the words you used to say

Each day I wake up lonely
Each night I fall asleep
How could you make such promises
The kind that you can't keep

I try to be so patient
Waiting on a cold grey night
Thinking about what went wrong
And how to make it right

I hang on to your every word
I hold on to your heart
I try to understand you
But I don't know where to start

I have come to a conclusion
All the love I used to see
Are only visions in my mind
Our love will never be.


Do you believe we're born to die?
Do you believe we laugh to cry?
Do you believe we're blind to see?
Do you believe that you love me?

I don't believe in hate in life
I don't believe that you are nice
I don't believe that you are near
For if you loved me you'd be here.

I love to be alive

I love to watch the warm sun rise
I see the daylight fill the skies
I watch the snow white clouds arise
I love to be alive

I see the sunlight fade away
Soon the night falls on the day
The shining stars come out to play
The moon is high the sky is grey

I watch the many flowers grow
Autumn ends then falls the snow
The snow falls down on me below
And then it melts it has to go

The sun is shining way up high
A rainbow falls across the skies
I fall asleep but then arise
I love to be alive.


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