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2007-10-17 20:46:32
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Pictionary contest!

I will post a simple sketch and whether it is a movie,tv programme,book or song title. All you have to do is figure out the title the sketch is showing and send the answer to [Romantic Rebellion] in a private message.Your message will not be replied to unless you are the winner. The first person to send me the correct answer will win a banner for their house.

This is the banner you could win! Made by ures truly! hehe

Round 9 is over.

round 10 coming soon...


The winners

Hangman! If you like pictionary you will like this! My sis [~sminx~]

Guess who! If you like pictionary and hangman you will like this too! My sis again [~sminx~]

cutest teddy bear competition My other contest

Elfpack contests

Back to my house yay!! : [Romantic Rebellion]

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2007-10-07 [Pammy Dodger]: do you now lol

2007-10-12 [Romantic Rebellion]: sure why not...hehe

2007-10-12 [james2077]: hummm  your drawing leaves something to be desired but its easy  as im about to meet one of the people in question

2007-10-12 [Romantic Rebellion]: its supposed to be crappy! its pictionary! heh
dont you say anything!

2007-10-12 [james2077]: mumbles its crappy cause you drew it umm cough cough  ya your right but what a beautiful picture  you umm <img:mood14-gif.gif>made <img:dand-gif.gif><img:sutN.gif>

2007-10-12 [Romantic Rebellion]: grrr...pictionary is meant to just be crappy sketches!!! meany

2007-10-12 [james2077]: but but but umm i said it was a beautiful picture<img:brN-gif.gif> from you <img:cheshmak.gif>

2007-10-12 [Romantic Rebellion]: sure...

2007-10-12 [Pammy Dodger]: ooh someone likes zee kitty [= xx

2007-10-12 [Romantic Rebellion]: whats that? lol

ahoy! xxx x x xxxx x

2007-10-13 [Pammy Dodger]: hah you know ;P and ahoy back matey arr!! lol xx

2007-10-15 [~sminx~]: omg no ones got it yet!!! can i just win already? and if not let me know when i can! =P

2007-10-15 [Romantic Rebellion]: i know! lol
i will let you know when you can win! XD

2007-10-15 [Pammy Dodger]: i still don't get what it is lol xx

2007-10-15 [Romantic Rebellion]: aww lol well u can always try again if you have another answer

2007-10-15 [Pammy Dodger]: mean si have to think now!! XDD

2007-10-17 [~sminx~]: think quickly! lol =P

2007-10-18 [Pammy Dodger]: ohh what was it?!

2007-10-21 [Romantic Rebellion]: its on the winners page XD x x x

2008-05-20 [DeeJay™]: hey, have any of you guys ever been on ?
it's awesome xD

2008-05-20 [Romantic Rebellion]: yeah, used to play all the time! hehe

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