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2005-07-17 06:09:37
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Nosgoth, Legacy of Kain Fansite

current theme song:Snake Eater

to god, for everything
to my parents, for doing what needed to be done in order for me to exist.
to nearly every video game company, for obvious reasons.
to my friends, because no one else is stupid enough to hang out with me.

okay! I have decided on setting up a fansite for Legacy Of Kain. Only five more people will be accepted, so you need to act now! Current members:

Pillar of Balance (Kain): [ValmontDracul]
Pillar of the Mind (Nupraptor):
Pillar of Energy (DeJoule):
Pillar of Nature (Bane):[THE^SQUIRREL]
Pillar of Conflict (Malek):[Dark Thunder]
Pillar of Dimension (Azimuth):
Pillar of Time (Mobius): [Lady Raven]
Pillar of States (Anacroth):
Pillar of Death (Mortanius):

quiz (please PRIVATE message me with answers!!):
Who/what is "The Unspoken?"
How many years was Raziel asleep in the Abyss?
Name Raziel's bretheren.
Who is Janos Audren?
Who is Ariel?
Who is the Elder God?
Who are the Hylden?
How many years was Kain asleep after his defeat at the hands of the Serafan Lord?
Name all 5 LOK games.
What was Raziel's pre-vampire occupation?
Who is Vorador?
Who/what killed Ariel?
I still await answers! SEND THEM!!!

Username (or number or email):


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2005-07-04 [ValmontDracul]: Is anyone there?

2005-07-04 [Lady Raven]: I am

2005-07-06 [ValmontDracul]: We do have a topic finaly! Come on! Someone start a conversation!

2005-07-20 [ValmontDracul]: Is anybody there? Does anybody care? Does anybody see....what I see?

2005-08-06 [THE^SQUIRREL]: Hey!!!! I'm here! Damn but those were some big cobwebs. But they're gone now and that's all that matters.

2005-08-07 [ValmontDracul]: That's nothing. You should take a look at the pillar of States. It thinks Iowa is a province in Canada (jk, I actually do know what the pillar of states refers to)

2005-11-25 [layna]: Hey. You had asked me to make some banners for you a while ago. That's not a problem, but I need to know what you're looking for....if you could please send me a message and let me know.

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