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2007-09-25 16:06:29
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Registered Democrats' choice for nominee for 2008*
Clinton    39%
Obama     20%
Edwards    15%
Gore     13%
Grave     l1%
Richardson   4%
Kucinich    3%
Biden     2%
Dodd     **

<img:> (a man who choose not to be in one party or another!)

Registered Republicans' choice for nominee for 2008*
Giuliani    27%
Thompson    26%
McCain     14%
Romney     10%
Gingrich    6%
Huckabee    4%
Tancredo    2%
Brownback    1%
Hunter     1%
Paul      1%

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2007-09-24 [Cadet]: Honestly i'd vote for Hilary! i think it's time that this country had a change in the presidency i mean honestly, can a women really do more damage than the men already have? i don't think so.

2007-09-25 [Afroman - let the rain wash over me]: i like obama hes awsome

2007-09-26 [Cadet]: I could vote for him too but i seriously think that it's time we had a female in the presidency. hey here's an idea, how about a black woman? totally change things up.

2007-09-27 [Molly Louise]: I'm under the impression that either Obama or Hillary would do a good job (better than now) in the whitehouse. My next question would be how Congress would take it. They may have a problem with it, changing the entire system. And then you have the radicals of each wing, the Leftists and Rights. (I'm trying to get a little more spice in here.)

2007-09-27 [Cadet]: well i say screw the congress and lets change things up! i definately think that nothing could be as bad as bush

2007-09-27 [Molly Louise]: True that. But while looking at the future, we also have to look at the present. What are each of these people going to promise us and then not come through?

2007-09-28 [Cadet]: Hey no one could mess up as much as Bush has

2007-09-29 [My Own Darc Nightmare]: I think plenty of people could mess up more than Bush. Personally, I think he's a politician, like everyone else that steps foot in the gvt buildings and I believe no matter who we put in office, we'd have been in some sort of war. Maybe not where we are now, or with whom, but after our country was attacked (just after a new president took office must I remind) the PEOPLE and the GVT were all for protection. Or did you all forget the feelings you had when planes smashed into our buildings and killed so many people? I don't care who you put in office, there is going to be something that someone does not like or agree with. Choosing the lesser of the evils is the only thing you can work with. Congress....they should be listening to the people anyway, b/c they represent the people. If WE stand up and say we want something one way, it should be done. That is what our gvt is for. And now shove my words at me and say 'then why is the war still on'. It's pretty simple. We're too far in to just pull out suddenly. Once you step into something you can't just back out and say, "okay we're done, have at it y'all" to whoever is left. It doesn't work that way.

2007-09-29 [Cadet]: okay this might be a little off topic, but referring to the "we should stand up and say something", Congress doesn't really listen as much as they should/ as much as we think they do because when gas prices were rising so much the people that were writing letters and getting ignored saying that they need to do something? Oh and the fact that we currently have more than one front to this war, that seems to have happened before in history, what was that guys name? oh right, HITLER! so i place this for my new statement, the government sucks in general.

2007-10-10 [My Own Darc Nightmare]: The gvt only sucks b/c people don't elect the people who will do something. When the people don't follow what is going on in gvt and what bills are passed, who voted for what, that is where our gvt fails. If the people aren't watching, of course they'll do things that help them. A lot of people don't seem to care, b/c they don't watch. As for the Hitler thing, look at the whole picture. Hitler was a power hungry dictator. He killed any who spoke out. You are able to compare our president to Hitler and get away with i b/c of how our gvt is set up and the people. Free speech and what not, that was set up by the people, and the only reason for any governmental failure lands on the shoulders of the people, for we are the ones that are suppose to watch, control, and influence the gvt. Make a valid enough point, follow closely, and make yourself be heard if you really think the gvt sucks. It's the only way to make it better.

2007-10-10 [My Own Darc Nightmare]: I have to add, has anyone sat down and listented to Hilary speak? Like seriously talk about an issue? She sounds like a major well...dip to me.

2007-10-11 [Cadet]: first of all, i thought conversation was supposed to be kept to the other pages, your rules and secondly it might be up to us to "run the government" or what ever you called it, but lately it seems all of these politicians are just power hungry like Hitler, the only difference was Hitler probably had a higher IQ. and yeah i know our government set up all these freedoms and what not, and i love that and i know other countries don't have that but look at Bush who is merely taking the right to privacy away. how is that fair? oh right, it isnt

2007-10-12 [My Own Darc Nightmare]: It wasn't just conversation, this page is about voting, I'm talking about NOT voting for Hilary b/c she doesn't seem smart to me.

2007-10-14 [Cadet]: My Apologies, the way it was worded seemed conversational. sure Hilary might seem like an idiot but...So is Bush.

2007-10-16 [My Own Darc Nightmare]: It all depends on who is looking at the person too though. A lot of the presidents we've had have not been even close to par. Every president will do something wrong in someone's eyes, so I would have to choose the lesser of the two evils. Hilary is on the top of my 'evil's' list.

2007-10-18 [Cadet]: Fair enough, that's your opinion, i just happen to disagree. i think the US could use a woman as president, now maybe hilary isn't the right one for the job but she would be a step in the right direction. men have had their chance to run the government and have only proven to screw things up, and i don't mean just bush, as you have said every president has had their flaws, his are just more noticeable.

2007-10-19 [My Own Darc Nightmare]: Question, who did you find to be a good presidant? Who was the best and what did they do right? Let's figure out what should be done, not what is being done wrong.

2007-10-19 [Cadet]: Honestly i thought Bill Clinton was pretty good, he just let his personal life get the better side of him. He had one of the longest peace time presidencies and a balanced budget which is more than bush can say right now.

2007-10-22 [My Own Darc Nightmare]: What of...hmm...well let's go with Ab Lincoln. Did you like some of the things he did, the social movements??

2007-10-23 [Cadet]: I honestly don't know much about Lincoln

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