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Best Wiki Award January 2005                       This wiki is a Safe-Zone From Stupidity

This Wiki is for Pro-life (anti abortion) supporters to come and be part of a community. I am merely giving you facts. You may decide for yourselves what side you chose. Life, or Choice. There is also Pro-Choice League for those of you who see nothing wrong with what you see and read here.



Pro-Life Members

Join us in the fight against baby Genocide.

Pro-Life Badges

Badges for you all to post in your houses...Submissions are welcome!

Image Gallery

CAUTION!!!! GRAPHIC IMAGES of aborted babies. Submissions welcome.


What is an abortion? here are the different kinds and all they entail.

Partial Birth Abortions

shows what a partial birth abortion is using a diagram, no horrific pictures...

Statistics on Abortions in the U.S.

Here are some statistics from 1996 and on.

True Stories

Woman tell what it's like to live after having an abortion.

Alive and kicking!

A collection of several stories, told by those who survived their mothers tying to abort them!!!

"Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born."
-Ronald Reagan-

“I have learned from my earliest medical education that human life begins at the time of conception.
I submit that human life is present throughout this entire sequence from conception to adulthood and any interruption at any point constitutes a termination of a human life.”

-Dr. Jerome LeJeune, genetics professor at the University of Descartes in Paris (discoverer of the Down Syndrome chromosome)-

What is the pro-life response to abortionists' arguments?

Pro-abortion advocates consistently rely on the same arguments they have used for decades. What follows is these arguments broken down into their 5 basic forms, and the corresponding pro-life answer to these claims.

1.  [Claim:] 'It's not a baby/person - it's just a blob of tissue'


When a woman is pregnant, science tells us that the new life she carries is a complete and fully new human being from the moment of fertilization. By the time most abortions can be performed, the baby already has a beating heart and identifiable brain waves. The baby living in her mother is as distinct and unique a new person/human being as you are from me, and as deserving of protection under the law as we are. 

The baby every mother carries as she faces a life and death decision has a beating heart at 18 days after fertilization and brain waves as early as six weeks after fertilization. Most abortions are not performed until nine weeks of the pregnancy. Even RU 486 chemical abortions can't be done until after six weeks.

2.  [Claim:] 'It's my body/ a women's choice'


Every mother is faced with profound decisions to make for herself and her child but these decisions can never include the right to kill her baby. Mothers facing difficult pregnancies require accurate and compassionate information about the facts of fetal development as well as the practical help that is available to them through the more than 3,000 mother helping centers around the USA. Mothers have a right to be fully informed about the facts at least 24 hours before making this life or death decision for themselves and their child.

3.  [Claim:] 'What will we do with all the unwanted kids?' (Poor babies, overpopulation, abuse, etc.)


We will never end poverty in our world simply by killing poor children. The poor mother who is encouraged to have an abortion today is just as poor tomorrow. Problems such as lack of job security, education, or abuse are not cured by ignoring their existence in a woman's life and turning to abortion as a way to make it all "go away."

The problem is lack of development -- not population. What women of the world desire are good basic health care for themselves and their families. In those countries where abortion is not legal, it is often because of strong cultural and religious beliefs that respect each new life. That respect needs to be backed up with wiser development plans not more dangerous and deadly abortion activity. In countries where there is not even the guarantee of clean running water, abortion will only become a death sentence for third world women and their babies.

4.  [Claim:] 'If abortion is made illegal women will die in back alleys'


The numbers often used by pro-abortionists to back their claims are vast fabrications mostly made up by the pro-abortion lobby as admitted by Dr. Bernard Nathanson, founder of NARAL. The real numbers of deaths before 1973 are shockingly different.  Thirty-nine women died of illegal abortions in 1972, the year before Roe v Wade. Those are thirty-nine tragedies along with their thirty-nine children who also died because of abortion's violence. The true reason the deaths have decreased from abortion isn't legalization, it was the widespread introduction of antibiotics into medicine that saved the lives of women who would have otherwise died of botched abortions. In fact, the main forms of abortions have changed very little since the middle of this century! The only thing that legalizing abortion did was to give abortionists the right to hang their shingle on the front door and stop using the back alley!

Mothers deserve better answers than the death of their children through the violence of abortion, legal or illegal. Help us support the work of the more than 3,000 mother helping centers committed to providing real life affirming options for these women and their families.

5.  [Claim:] 'What about a woman who's been raped/incest or carrying a disabled/sick child? (the hard cases)'


A.  We don't cure illness by killing the patient. Aborting a child with a disability or illness is the height of prejudice. When a family learns that the child they are expecting may have a special need, that family needs support and good solid medical information -- not the death of their most fragile member. Society must flee this attitude that uses arbitrary yard sticks to measure peoples worth.

B.  When a woman has been raped or a victim of incest, she has been the victim of a terrifying act of violence of which she is a true victim. Tragically, we are some times faced with a second victim of this great crime committed by the rapist, a baby. While pregnancy is extremely rare from rape, it can happen. The cruelest thing that can happen to the women in question is to now be pitted against her child, who is the second victim. In several studies done across America, women who were encouraged to use abortion in such circumstances felt that they had been put through a second act of violence, the violence and pain of the mechanical rape of abortion. Worse than that, they stated feelings of being made into the victimizer of their own child. they felt that their baby had paid with his/her life for the crime of the rapist.

Meanwhile, mothers who found support to carry their children to term, whether they opted for adoption or kept their babies, felt that they'd turned something horrible into something life-giving. The key here is support for both victims, mother and child.

The Consequences of Roe v. Wade


Total Abortions since 1973

This baby was aborted at 24 weeks. 1 in 10 woman give birth prematurely. More that 50% of twins and 90% of triplets and born preme.
24 weeks- 56% of babies survive if premature.
25 weeks- 79% of babies survive if premature.
How is this child not murdered?

“By all criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception.”
-Dr. Hymie Gordon, Chairman of the Department of Genetics.-


Thank you for coming to my wiki. I hope you learned something and made a good choice.

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2007-07-12 [The-Salaminizer]: Yeah, that's not what I was saying at all. I appreciate your willingness to accept other people's views as well as your own. Did I flat-out say your opinion was a joke? No I did not. I presented my thoughts in a clear, readable manner, and you start claiming I want to kill all the minorities. Don't jump to conclusions, bitch.

2007-07-12 [RabidSphinx]: i didn't say "minorities"...uh...bitch. I said the poor, because that is what YOU said. a child will be born poor, so lets kill it, so that won't happen. i was only agreeing with you and that good idea of yours. do you always insult those that agree with you?
wow, you are a cunt. pity your mother didn't have the foresight to have an abortion, something clearly agree with. :)

2007-07-12 [The-Salaminizer]: I'm saying the mother will be poorer for having the child she could have aborted. You're not agreeing with me. You're spitting on my beliefs. Which is something I wouldn't expect from someone who claims to be "anti-stupid."

2007-07-12 [RabidSphinx]: well, you are stupid, so i am "anti-you"
you are saying we should kill poor children. what a wonderful person you are.

2007-07-12 [FireGypsy]: That is NOT what he is saying, you are being ignorant. He is bringing up a common topic, and instead of trying to defend your beliefs and debate the topic, you are bashing him. Why would you make a wiki on such a debatable topic if you harrass anyone who tries speak their mind and beliefs that aren't the same as yours. There is something wrong with you...

2007-07-12 [RabidSphinx]: Let's see, what is the member saying...poor women should have abortions so that their children won't be poor too. so what part of "killing poor children" is not correct here? hmmm.
We, as a society do not kill our poor, our sick, our stupid, or our criminals (if the liberal assholes get their way) so why is it okay to kill the unborn? mercy killing? that is illegal.

this wiki is not a "debate" wiki, neither is the pro-choice League wiki. neither wiki is to go to and push your beliefs on the other, and there is a warning posted that such attempts to debate, or flame, will not be received kindly. This member came here to debate. They brought up a BAD argument to start with, and i just had a little fun laughing at them. if they don't like it, they don't have to be here.

and yes, sasha, you are "banned" from here, as someone that works on this site, i would GUESS you are familiar with the rules enought to know a wiki owner can ask a member to leave at any point for any reason, and if the member does not comply it is harassment.

You have been reported. not that anything will likely be done about it, but i know some of us will have a laugh at your expence over this.

now shoo, before a guard really DOES come in here.

2007-07-15 [RabidSphinx]: i don't get it....

2007-07-29 [somethingwarm]: [pet kitten] is a liar
She didn't escape, he got rid off her.

2007-11-20 [kirbi]: This wiki enlightens people about that all life is to be cared for; wish i do agree with however on aborton it depends on where you beileve human life starts in the law (UK) it is 14 weeks. If you beileve that human life begins at conception then therefore why not about IVF treament and the just tipping down the sick of all of the embro's which are considered 'not normal' is'nt that just murdeer in it's self?

2007-11-21 [somethingwarm]: thats how the protestors see it

2007-11-21 [kirbi]: Well i'm not as such, just see things a bit differently

2008-10-21 [♥Eli-Annai♥]: Also, for the one about "Its my body I can do what I want with it" The thing is, that part of you, it NOT your body when, there is a live thing in it. lol

2008-10-23 [somethingwarm]: But you don't see people puttin up with worms or lice.

In any case. I've had a change of heart.

2008-11-04 [♥Eli-Annai♥]: Worm and Lice are not People!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-11-11 [~*Dawn_yell*~]: well i haven't been here in a while and all i can say is im now pregnant and i would NEVER EVER think about gettin an abortion, i just wouldn't be able to live with myself, wouldn't you feel so guilty if u were pregnant and got an abortion and then u feel so guilty cuz that someone should have deserved life and given a chance and not killed by ur selfishness

2008-11-18 [Nekko fox]: Stem-cell research.

2008-11-19 [Nekko fox]: I win.

2008-11-19 [Nekko fox]: :3

2008-11-21 [somethingwarm]: I'll need that explained..
Of course they aren't people, but I think you'll find that people who have abortions don't consider foetuses to be people either.

2010-03-21 [The Horseman]: You people obviously don't know what life is like beyond your borders. Try going somewhere that isn't a democracy, go somewhere else and take a look at the real world. If you morons had any sense as to what really goes on you would know that it is the peoples choice to do with their bodies what they will. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TRY AND ACCUSE ANYONE OF MURDER FOR DOING ANYTHING THAT THAT PERSON CHOOSES TO DO! SO GET OFF YOUR HIGH FUCKING HORSES AND GO VISIT SOMEWHERE OTHER THEN THE US YOU FUCKING COWARDS!

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