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2007-09-25 17:46:19
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This is a topic that has been in debate for a long time. The main life issue that comes to mind is abortion. But there are many life issues- assisted suicide, the death penalty, life support. And that is just to name a few. There are many ideas on what life is or what life is important to keep and which is forfiet due to what they have done or what type of life they are living.


This issue dates back long before America was formed. People tried to escape the human sacrifices in the Aztec culture. In England people faced death for being 'witches'. The Spartan society would kill the weak and disabled to keep their perfect fighting society.

What is the right choice? Who should live and who should die??

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2007-09-25 [Afroman - let the rain wash over me]: im pro choice

2007-09-26 [My Own Darc Nightmare]: Can I ask why? What about the choice of the children? What of the choice of redemption for prisoners?

2007-09-26 [Cadet]: I'm on the fence with this one, i mean if the child is affecting the mother's health and you'll loose both i'd say pro choice, but if it's just because the mother was being stupid one night i'd say pro life. see my point?

2007-09-26 [Afroman - let the rain wash over me]: this is a womens issue but i feel that just because somone has an opinion doesnt mean it gives them the right to restrict somones elses rights. which is what i think all thoose people who stand outside abortion clinics are doing. i belive its the womans right first

2007-09-26 [Cadet]: I still stand by my statement, if they're just having an aborition because they got pregnant after a drunken night then that is wrong but if it's threatening her life then i'd rather save the mother than lose them both. yes i'm aware i said almost exactly the same thing.

2007-09-26 [My Own Darc Nightmare]: See, my point would have to be that it takes two to make a child. Yes, it just so happens that the woman is the one who has to carry the child but still. Two points in this: the man should also have a say, it's his child too. And, if I were to be able to get pregnant I could not even think of killing a child that is growing inside me, for any reason.

2007-09-26 [Cadet]: i agree with the fact that the man has a say in anything that happens but ultimately its still her choice and sadly many of the fathers don't get that say.

2007-09-27 [Afroman - let the rain wash over me]: i personaly agree abortion is a last resort but i just dont think i or anyone else has the right to tell other people what they can and cannot do.

2007-09-27 [Avenged Sevenfold Rules]: every life is precious from the moment of conception and i strongly believe that a woman should not sleep with a guy and not use protection if she is not prepared for the consequences and anyone who aborts an unborn baby needs their head examined

2007-09-27 [Molly Louise]: I'm all for letting women choose what to do with their bodies. I'm almost eighteen, and I want the chance to make my own choices, rather than have some fifty-year-old rich person sitting in congress make my decision for me. Last time I checked, men couldn't get pregnant. Vishous, don't even go there with that one. ;)

2007-09-27 [Cadet]: I hate to be a broken record, but i'm still standing strong by my statement.

2007-09-27 [Molly Louise]: I respect that. But as a woman I'm saying I want to be in control of my body. I don't want fifty-year-old men telling me what I can and can't do with it.

2007-09-28 [Cadet]: I think that no matter what the congress decides with a topic like this, they aren't going to win. there are always going to be the people that are pro choice and those who are pro life and nothing will change their minds and passing a law to please one half of society will only piss off the other half so what can congress really do about it? I think in general women need to be more responsible with what they do to their bodies because, correct me if i'm wrong and i'm sorry if i am, but most of the girls getting abortions are the ones who sleep around and are mere teenagers.

2007-09-28 [Afroman - let the rain wash over me]: this is the way i look at it if you dont belive in abortions then dont get an abortion, belive what you want and act on that just dont hurt other people in the process. the people who truly burn me r thoose who stand outside abortion clinics and hassle everyone whos goes in and out. but yea belive what you want just dont hurt other people in the process

2007-09-29 [Cadet]: but by believing what you want, if you believe in abortion, you are hurting someone, the baby.

2007-09-30 [Afroman - let the rain wash over me]: yes but if someone who's pro-choice doesn't think they are hurting anyone, or they wouldn't do it (and if there are people out there who would have an abortion when they thought was killing someone then they're just sick). so if u don't belive that a fetus is a person until a certain time then i think u should be allowed to have an abortion and no one but you should have a say in that.

2007-10-10 [My Own Darc Nightmare]: I have to pose a question here now. What qualifies life? In a big science debate it was stated that 'life' is defined by a heartbeat. Does anyone know when the 'fetus' first get's it heartbeat? B/c that, my friends, is when 'life' begins, according to the scientific world.  And what of those on death row? Is it really our place to kill someone for doing something wrong? "You can't kill," we say, then we go and kill them? Hipocracy much?

2007-10-11 [Cadet]: "Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" thank you Gandhi

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