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2007-05-26 19:38:45
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Project Sirenomelia

For those of you who do not know what Sirenomelia Syndrome is, it is commonly know as Mermaid Syndrome. A mostly fatal syndrome where a child is born with his/her legs fused together. A baby is lucky to survive a few days with this syndrome, and survival consists of a dangerous surgery to separate them.

I want to replicate this by creating an artificial Mermaid tail.

Mermaid tails are being made by a few companies who refuse to give up their patterns and designs so that us poor folk can replicate a tail of our own. These tails go for $150-300 from these companies. I however, plan to make a tail of my own, using my own creative ideas, and materials I can buy at the local fabric store for less than $100.


I finally completed my homemade Mermaid tail. I used blue bathing suit material I bought at JoAnne Fabrics. I then put a purple stretchy sequinned material over it, which I also bought at JoAnnes. I made a pattern of my lower body. I measured the diameter of my lower body at inch intervals all the way down. I then took those numbers, divided them in half, and made a pattern on paper by graphing out the numbers. When I finished, I had the exact shape of my lower body down to my ankles. I then designed the fluke and cut out the pattern. I then took the two sheets of fabric and layered them pattern side up one on top of the other and pinned around the edges. I then folded the two sheets in half, with the pattern sides in the middle and the blank sides showing. I then pinned the materials together. Then I traced the pattern onto the fabric, cut out the pattern an inch away from the traced lines. And I then sewed it up, put in a pair of flippers I bought at WalMart, and BAM! You have a mermaid tail.

I used two different fabrics because the purple material was somewhat see through. But it can be done with one layer if you find better material, which I have. I plan to make a few more for myself.

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2007-02-23 [shinobi14]: Good idea, Sasha. XD
You're full of 'em. ^___^
You reckon you will be able to pull it off?

2007-02-23 [FireGypsy]: Of course!

2007-03-26 [somethingwarm]: dude its a bit callous

2007-03-26 [FireGypsy]: What? I haven't really updated this, I can't start my tail until I buy a monofin, which is like $50

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