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2012-02-07 14:31:23
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A good Christmas day in Harrogate

I had a really good Christmas this year, my fiancé came down on Christmas Eve, to spend all over Christmas with me and my family, I loved it, it was such a good laugh.

on Christmas eve, we all sat in the living room, fucking laughing at each other, taking the piss out of random people, we had such a good time, everyone went to bed, well most of us, my mum and dad stayed downstairs, they kept very quiet, they was watching T.V. we was watching nightmare before Christmas which is a fucking good film, after it finished, I let Mat (my fiancé) watch his program, which was car crime UK (I think). Then we went to sleep.


Christmas day was amazing, we all woke up at about 10.00am, my brother woke me and mat up, then woke my mum and dad up, then once everyone got up,  we all went downstairs together, as Mat was the guest, we only thought it was right for him to open his presents first, so we took it in turns.

Mat, me Duncan (my brother) My dad, then my mum, I felt Fucking really bad as my mum had the least presents, but on the plus side she had the most expensive ones. She got lots of nice perfume, nice clothes and jewellery.

Duncan got a ps2, some shower gel and aftershave and some clothes and other stuff and I got some Playboy perfume, shower Gel, baby clothes (Everyone should know by now that I am pregnant), clothes for myself, and lots of other stuff.

my dad got some aftershave, some clothes, and some Manchester united stuff, we fucking love Man united, nobody comes in our house who doesn’t support them.

our dog also got some presents, a chew bone, a chew toy, doggy Chocolate Buttons, and doggy Biscuits.

Later that Christmas day, my auntie Came over and gave us some money, she gave Duncan £15, me £20 and even gave mat £10, she’s a fucking generous woman, always has been, that’s why she is my favorite auntie.

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2012-02-07 [Cerulean Sins]: @[sammie h!] Nice story hun but I can only count four full stops. It's kind of hard to read with all those ','. So could you please proof read this?

Cheers hun :D

2012-02-07 [sammie h!]: Ok then x

2012-02-07 [sammie h!]: Is that better. :)

2012-02-07 [Cerulean Sins]: Yeah it's better now :)

2012-02-07 [sammie h!]: Am I aloud to decorate it xx

2012-02-07 [Cerulean Sins]: I'm sorry but no. It' a story contest not an art contest lol :D

2012-02-07 [sammie h!]: It still has a story, presentation is also the key to a good story.

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