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2012-03-31 10:30:19
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These are the ideas I have for Elfpack

On the Elfpack awards page Put the dates onto the front page - Done (I did it)

Take the dates off all other Elfpack awards pages as it will shorten the page more. (waiting for a reply off Stephen.

Volunteers Put the badges in a straight line rather than down the page. - Done, (Thanks [Stephen])

How about when your name is mentioned in a comment, you get a notification. - On going

New CSS Coding for Elfpack

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2012-03-31 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: No, dates are there for a reason, they HAVE to be there, for people who do'nt pay attention (Replied for a reason :O)

Notification: I doubt Hedda would be arsed for that, he could careless. Besides, if people are having a private conversation about someone, say the council is talking about me, discussing me but they do'nt want me knowing yet? See what I'm getting at, Sammie? It's just a bad idea for more than a dozen reasons

2012-03-31 [sammie h!]: But, you can do it sepertatly for council members, if people are talking about you in private wikis and Forums, then you won't get notified, but if they talk about you in public, then you will get notified

2012-03-31 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I still doubt Hedda will do that, it's redundent.

2012-03-31 [sammie h!]: +1

2012-03-31 [djxmonster]: Sammie... Instead of creating a million different pages and posting on the council or guard page everytime... have you thought about making ONE, well organized, wiki that would be 'everything sammie'?

Or maybe create a forum and invite council/guard members to discuss your ideas?

Just a thought... I figured it might be easier for you/us this way...

2012-03-31 [Cerulean Sins]: I agree with [djxmonster].

2012-03-31 [sammie h!]: I will do that. :)

2012-04-01 [Stephen]: @Notifications: It's not possible, in the same way that indexing all the pages into "what links to this page" is not possible. We also have no way to mark out "public" and private pages.

@Award Dates: They're in a hide tag and take up about 2-inches of space. I'd rather them be there for people who aren't interested in/aren't watching all the pages. I actually didn't have most of the EPA's on watch until I started messing with them, and I'm the Warden. :P

2012-04-01 [Stephen]: PS: I think djx has a great idea.

2012-04-01 [sammie h!]: lol. Cool x

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