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      Spritual Guides By:Katie Elizabeth Carson

           Chapter one
          Hana of the Wind

   Hana as you may have guessed isn’t exactly human she’s a sprit guide. Like normal humans though she goes to school. She is the top student in the school. When Hana was ten she found out that she was a sprit guide for misguided youth.
   Now that Hana was turning sixteen it was time for her to start being the guide of the wind. She had to move to a new town in a new country. Like her mother she was nervous about leaving the only home she knew. Before she could leave she had to be assigned to a youth in the town she was going to.

   His name was Kentaro and he had been in and out of more juvenile detention centers than anyone in Tokyo. He was as misguided as anyone can get but his parents still had hope for him. Before his tenth birthday he was as sweet as could be. Something had happened on that day that changed him forever.
  Hana had been assigned to a boy her age in Tokyo, Japan. She wasn’t told his name she was only told that she’d know him when she sees him. Hana arrived in Tokyo in less than two weeks. There was no one to greet her but then again she really wasn’t expecting anyone anyway. After Hana’s fifth day in Tokyo she was starting to think that she had no one to guide.
    Kentaro hadn’t gotten into any trouble for five days, which was a new record for him. On his way home he ran into a girl. He apologized sarcastically and walked on.
    Hana was a little wary of the boy who had run into her. He seemed somewhat familiar but she had never met him before.  
   A week later the same thing happened. “Who are you?” Hana asked. “What’s it to you” the boy replied in a cocky voice. “Well it’s the second time you’ve run into me,” Hana said.  “My name is Kentaro who are you” he replied. “I’m Hana,” she said. “Well Hana I didn’t run into you, you ran into me” Kentaro snapped. “You have quite the attitude don’t you” Hana snapped back.
   Hana had finally found the boy she was to guide. To her surprise it wasn’t who she thought it would be. The boy she was to guide was named Toni. But she also watched over Kentaro just in case.

    Chapter Two
   Julie of the Flame
      Julie is a girl much like Hana. She is the spiritual guide of fire. Hana is the spiritual guide of the wind. Julie just like Hana was sent to Tokyo, Japan to guide a troubled youth.
    The first person Julie met in Tokyo was Toni whom she thought to be the boy she was to guide. She found out otherwise later. Julie was to guide Kentaro.

    After being in Tokyo for a few weeks she met Hana. Neither knew that the other was a spiritual guide. They became friends quickly. Julie was quite the opposite of Hana. Julie was outgoing and always happy.
   When Julie was a young girl she had dreamed of living in Tokyo now her dream had come true. Only it wasn’t as exciting as she thought it would be. She got along with everyone she met. She was only shy toward one person and she didn’t know why.
    She was signed up for the high school in less than a week after she got there. She skipped out every day Kentaro did. She was able to catch up even if she was out for three weeks.

    The first time Kentaro skipped school he got into a fight. If she hadn’t been there he might have died. She lent him some of her strength, which wasn’t such a good idea because it made her sick.
    Toni was almost as bad as Kentaro but he knew when enough was enough. He had only been in ten juvenile detention centers to Kentaro’s fifteen. He also wasn’t as cocky. He didn’t fight as much as he use to.

    Julie was always doing e.c.a’s after school so Kentaro wouldn’t get suspicious of her. None of the spiritual guides in her family had been found out until the right time.
   Toni was very wary of Julie. He had noticed that she almost always seemed to follow Kentaro. One day after Julie’s yearbook meeting he followed her. Instead of her following Kentaro she went straight to her apartment.
   After her meeting Julie had a feeling that she was being watched. Instead of her usual routine she went home and went to sleep. 

   Chapter Three
   Kentaro’s Reason

      Six years before Hana met Kentaro he was a happy-go-lucky kid. On Kentaro’s tenth birthday while he was in the park he met a girl about his age on one of the swings. He was going over to say hi to her when two teenagers came over and started to bully the girl.
     He tried to help her but she ended up saving him instead of him saving her. Afterwards he woke up in a hospital room. The only person that was there was a nurse. When he asked what had happened to him she left the room. From that day forward the only person he cared about was himself.
   Over the next six years he got worse, causing fights, running away from home, even assaulting police officers. He’s been in over fourteen juvenile detention centers. He broke out of five of the centers.
   The last center he was in was in Okinawa. He was there for four months before being released. The longest he had ever been in a center was eight months but that’s because his time was cut short for good behavior.               

     He had just gotten out of the detention center in Okinawa before he saw Hana at the airport. She looked so familiar to him but he didn’t know why. A few days later he ran into her, and again a week later.
       After he got home he realized that she was the girl that he tried to help on his tenth birthday. The next few days that followed he tried to find her. With no luck he gave up. The next thing he knew there was a strange girl following him around most of the time.
    He started to look for Hana again still with no luck. She wasn’t even enrolled at any of the high schools. It was almost like she was nonexistent. All he wanted to do was find her, why, he didn’t know.
     One day when he was shopping for junk food he saw her. When he tried to stop her she disappeared. He decided to stop looking hoping she would find him. After a few more weeks he saw her at his high school.
   He decided that he didn’t care if she was the girl from the park six years ago. Hana was in his class. Also in his class were Julie and Toni. He was amazed by how smart she was. He was the smartest kid in the class before she came along but she wasn’t a troublemaker.
    Chapter Four 

   Toni’s Last Chance

     Much like Kentaro, Toni was a troublemaker only difference is that Toni is a foster child. Even though he hadn’t been in as many detention centers as Kentaro he only had one last chance to stay out of trouble. He has had about seventeen foster families.
    The reason he has had so many foster families was because every time he got a new family to live with something bad happened. His last family was full of superficial snobs that he could not tolerate. Two days after he moved in with the Takota family he got into a serious fight with the eldest son Hiten.

      Mrs. Takota took up for Toni, but Mr. Takota wouldn’t go against his son’s word. Hiten claimed that Toni started the fight when it was really him who started it. It all started because Hiten called Toni a trouble-causing commoner.
      Because of Hiten Toni was going back to the group home in lower Tokyo. The next day he returned to his regular school with his regular schedule. There were two new girls in his class. The first one he noticed was Julie. He had seen her about three or four weeks before he came back from “snob central” as he called it.

     After a few weeks he noticed that Julie seemed to follow Kentaro around a lot. He also noticed that Hana was always close by as well. Like most people he was curious about why they were following Kentaro.
      Two days later he decided to follow Hana, because he had already followed Julie. When he tried to catch up to Hana before she left she just disappeared after a strong gust of wind.

      Every time Toni tried to follow Hana the same thing happened so he gave up like everyone else who tried to find Hana after school. It was impossible to find her. Toni decided to stick to his normal afternoon routine of going to the group home and sleeping.

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