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10 - The music was fucking loud -- and I fucking loved it.

37 - It was a typical Saturday night. Everyone was at Richard's place and having a hell of a time. Being the only sober person around a lot of drunk people acting like dumbasses really only made things better.

61 - Sitting in the livingroom leaning back and letting the sound blare into my mind as I heard the much quieter sounds of inebriated couples starting to fuck on the furniture, shaking my head softly. This would be a pain in the ass to clean up, but God was it worth it.

10 - This was the fucking life, and I wouldn't change it.

30 - My phone rang -- or vibrated rather, since there was no way to hear it over the music. The caller ID readout said "Lina", and I figured I should take it.

31 - I answered my phone and asked her to wait on while I went outside so I could hear her, wondering why she would be calling now. She knew I was busy.

53 - Standing in the cold winter night, I asked her what was up. Her response completely caught me off guard. "What the fuck? Dammit! I'll be right there." I said quickly into the phone, getting ready to leave the party. Guess the drunks and hungover people would be on their own this time.

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2012-02-11 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Did you kick his ass?

2012-02-11 [Stephen]: Cliffhanger! :3

Actually, it's pretty close to a real story. I just made it a tiny bit more graphic for the purpose of submitting it to this contest. xD

2012-02-11 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: lol?

2012-02-11 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: WAIT I know what she said! "I'm naked and horny as hell!"

2012-02-11 [Stephen]: LOL.
Noway. Lina's like a sister to me. D=

2012-02-11 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: LOL XD

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