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2009-06-30 14:43:35
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So be Paitent :D

tay so I am bored and decided to start working on a list of all of mai songs on mai ipod wootness :D they will all be listed in random order till I can like pretty them up and stuffs ^^

this wiki is ONLY for wolvie's songs >.< add yours somewhere else >.<

oh and for teh record some songs I didn't know what album they were from so I just guessed, if you spot something that you know to be wrong PLEASE tell me thankee-sai

3 Doors Down Songs

AC/DC Songs

Aerosmith Songs

Avenged Sevenfold Songs

Beatles Songs

Billy Squier Songs

Black Sabbath Songs

Blue Murder Songs

Bon Jovi Songs

Bread Songs

Breaking Benjamin Songs

Cinderella Songs

Daughtry Songs

Def Leppard Songs

Dio Songs

Dokken Songs

The Eagles Songs

Elvis Presley Songs

Evanescence Songs

Everlast Songs

Godsmack Songs

Great White Songs

Green Day Songs

Guns N' Roses Songs

Iron Maiden Songs

Journey Songs

Judas Priest Songs

Kansas Songs

Krokus Songs

Linkin Park Songs

Metallica Songs.

Monkees Songs

Motley Crue Songs

Nickelback Songs

Ozzy Songs

Pearl Jam Songs

Puddle of Mudd Songs

Queen Songs

Queensryche Songs

Ratt Songs

Rush Songs

Saxxon Songs

Scorpions Songs

Seether Songs

Skid Row Songs

Tenacious D Songs

Tesla Songs

Three Days Grace Songs

Trapt Songs

Tygers of Pan Tang Songs

Within Temptation Songs

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2009-06-22 [wolvie]: this is gonna take a long ass time peoples

2009-06-22 [Ritsuka-Kun]: :D

2009-06-22 [wolvie]: i know i already did this once but damnit i can't remember what i called teh wiki >.< XD

2009-06-22 [Ritsuka-Kun]: nice XD

2009-06-22 [wolvie]: yesh ^^

2009-06-22 [Ritsuka-Kun]: still epic :D

2009-06-24 [wolvie]: you know how long it's gonna take to get all teh songs? @_@

2009-06-24 [Dead_Man_Walking]: otep, rammstein, disturbed, alice in chains, slipknot, guns 'n' roses, mudvayne, korn, linkin park, rage agenced the mashine, avenged sevenfold, drowning pool, soil, seven dust, and Rob Zombie?

2009-06-24 [wolvie]: i've got some of those guys this is gonna take me a hell of a long time though so be pateint ^^

2009-06-24 [Dead_Man_Walking]: Antraxe, popa roach, system of down, white zombie, the pretenders, mega death, cradle of filth, megasus, van halen, u2, montly crue, and mushroomhead?

2009-06-24 [wolvie]: megadeath SUCKS >,< i hate them epicly >.< and i've only heard of like half of those guys XD

2009-06-24 [Dead_Man_Walking]: okay.

2009-06-24 [wolvie]: damn i have 1474 songs this'll take a long ass time XD

2009-06-29 [wolvie]: woot now to add more :D

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