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Tekken is a series of fighting games produced by Namco. If first came out as an arcade game, but with its huge popularity it made it onto PlayStation and PlayStation 2. It was one of the first 3D fighting game franchises


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2006-08-24 [nevan]: Anybody there? @_@

2006-08-24 [Prince Nightbourne]: lee forever

2006-08-24 [nevan]: ^_^ Yay! Yay for the Mishima bloodline :D

2006-08-24 [Prince Nightbourne]: dead, i never beieved that coz i saw him fly off coz d watche a movie that did the same thing befor i played as raven and found out

2006-08-24 [Prince Nightbourne]: i loved the intro for teken 5 the music rocked

2006-08-24 [nevan]: yer ^__^ I wish i could download that from somewhere

2006-08-24 [Prince Nightbourne]: yeah i cant find the lyrics anywhere

2006-08-25 [Prince Nightbourne]: ive been playing soul calibur too much i cant get to grips with tekkens controls now

2006-08-25 [nevan]: XD lmao. I got like that after playing vice city for a while

2006-08-25 [Prince Nightbourne]: lol thats a great game i only play it cuz its free roaming

2006-08-28 [Popsicle Cannibal]: You guys totally forgot Xiaoyu on your characters list. :o

2006-08-28 [nevan]: She is under L, as Ling Xiaoyu ^_^

2006-09-02 [Denying Truth]: Jeezus! Do you realize how long it takes to get here? *wipes sweat away* Im pooped. X.x

2006-09-02 [nevan]: XD lmao, oh noes, you still have to trip to take to get the the roleplay page! :O

2006-09-02 [Denying Truth]: Noooooo! *falls over* I can make it...I can!

2006-09-18 [Prince Nightbourne]: :) ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm................... WHY IS NINA SO UGLY

2006-09-18 [nevan]: O_o huh? That that was random XD Her clothes are WAY To tight >_>;

2006-09-18 [Prince Nightbourne]: have you seen her in death by degrees she looks like yoda

2006-11-24 [nevan]: lol! XD

2007-12-28 [Misa Amane]: i got to play it before you all because i live in japan!

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