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The Aldar Lore


The Aldar Nation is a neighboring country of Enduril. The nation is built on top of a dragonic mountain founded by Master Aldar the king of all the eastern land. The Aldar Nation is a dark demonic place that lies east of The North which is supposedly know for habiting demonic creatures of great power.

Aldar used to be a floral blooming place, but once Ashura the kishin had begun his attacks on our land,due to losing his sanity in the North, our once blossoming mountain turned into this dark and ominious place to live. Most of our villages were made of rare gems, even the sidewalks were made of white marble and sapphire before Ashura's attacks. Now our villages lie in rubble. The only structure that has managed not to take damage is the Aldarian Castle that is protected by our lands mamodo, our grand champion Reaper, and the daughter of Master Aldar Cassandra. The castle is constructed of multiple floors made of obsidian that lead to the top study that is Hellsing Manor where the various defenders and master aldar culminate to discuss tactics for the mamodo to defend our country.

Our country's army is more long range magic attacks, but still have the basic hand to hand combat skills. Our nation has a large range of species that inhabit it, such as nekos, dragons, and reapers. Our nation also has an academy that is ran by our grand death reaper zork. The academy is used to teach the Aldarians about different races, nations, and battle tactics in order to advance our next generations ability to help defend our country against the North.

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