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Are you one of those mad groupies of this Swedish band, The Ark? Are you one of those clever peopole who thinks that they rock and love each every part of them? Then this is the wiki for you

The Ark's fanpage on Elfpack!!

Or are you one of those sucker who havent even heard of them? Well check this site out and look at some videos, I'm sure that you'll find it amusing!!

---------> <---------

How about some piccies of this incredible band??
Follow this link:The ark fanpage the band


Groupies list:
Digging Master: [footfalls]--> Fave Song: Patchouli
drooling fan: [Butterfly Maiden--> Fave song: Let your body decide

-----------------------*SIMPLE RULES*-------------------

To Become a member you have to send a message to [footfalls
] where you write down where you've heard of The Ark the very first time and witch song that's you favourite.
(You may also need to write down some sentences from the lyrics of your song)

Then all you need is to put yourself on "groupies list" And then be a Proud The Ark groupie of Elfpack!!

Hope to see you soon!
Love / Anna (Master of The Ark)

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2005-05-12 [_Link_02]: cool

2005-05-12 [footfalls]: Do you like em?

2005-05-12 [wicca girl]: hi

2005-05-12 [footfalls]: hello :0)

2005-05-12 [wicca girl]: can u add me to this page

2005-05-12 [footfalls]: sure what's you fave song then?

2006-02-01 [Aislinne]: the Ark rocks, they are sooooooo sweet

2006-02-01 [footfalls]: aamen sister!

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