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The Elemental Lore


Enduril is the Capital of the human race,being founded by the man the humans decided to be there champion Flamorda Kasshu,Enduril is a multilayered city,built of a special stone that repulses demons from its walls,as they cannot touch the magic without being invited into the city by the current king.

Endurilia used to be a large sweeping kingdom,and its population and empire vast,until Flamorda's Recent death,and the Rise of Cysero Tadiga,the human population has lost all but the city in which they now reside,going out of its walls only to be victim to the millions of endless demon armies at Cysero's disposal,Because of this the human army is rather small,yet it is determined to survive.

Upon the death of the Oracle Dyn,a new oracle was chosen in the form of a 18 year old girl named Kasumi Kinamoro,the problem being she was selected from the future,being sucked into a worm hole one day whilst being at the mueseum,she then found herself in the company of the remaining elementals and there brash leader Heatra.

The city now stands as the only thing between Cysero and domination of the Human race,The Endurilians have a small edge in the fact that Kasumi being from the future,has helped advance endurils weaponry to even the odds aganst the numbers of the demon armies that plague there land,if heatra and the others manage to find a way to kill cysero,then the human race will be saved.

Cysero's goal however is not a direct conflict,he is merelly distracting Heatra and the human race as he tries to decipher the ruins of the demonic gate,a portal which,when opened,would release a demon upon the world not seen since the creation of time,a demon designed to eliminate everything that lives and breathes upon the world,a demon who was only beaten by the gods themselves.

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