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2009-06-30 19:04:24
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The Elven Path Info

The Elven Path


1.No cybering
2.No Godmodding
3.No Flamming
4.No Power Playing
5.Stick you your characters Bio
6.No more than 3 characters
7.Ask [Sonya Blue] for main characters
8.Try to keep up in the rp!
9.If I do not know you, ask me ([Sonya Blue]) in a pm if you want to join
10.Try to use Proper punctuation and spelling.
11.If your names are [cpt.jack sparrow24] Or [Velvet Dreams]
No offense, as much as you both rock, please consult me if you decided to join this rp. Thanks
**More Rules To Come As I Think Of Them**

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