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The Last King of Ireland

(Note: He's not actually a king...persay, but READ!)

Date: September 19th, 1900. My son Aedan was born today, it was a joyous occasion...he looks just like his mother, god rest her soul. Can you believe it? I'm a father! But I just wish...I wish my son a good life, not the life torn asunder throughout Ireland. The king just...will not let us free. I hope my son does not get involved with this...war. I'm even thinking of shipping him off to his Uncles home in the states once he's of proper age...

Date: October 12th, 1901. Joy filled my heart today, when my Queen gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, her name is Alexandra, she has my eyes, and her mothers smile. I hope I am a good father, and nothing bad happens to her...These cursed Irish are truly becoming a major thorn in my side! But...nevermind that. I hope she grows up to be just like her mother, a nobel, kind, respectable women.

(Dates are not subject to change :D)

Mkay, now that you got the general backstory on both parties!

This story is about...war, romance, violence, betrayal. People will die. I need people to play characters they don't give a shit about, people created for the intent of...dying. Of course you can rp them just a little bit, but eventually they will die! Its' WAR! your main character however...cannot die, period, no one can kill them, otherwise, you destroy the story I've just created.

The idea of the story is this...Aedan, was never sent to his uncles home in the American States, instead remained here and joined in with his father at the age of 14, the Irish Republican Army! He grew in the ranks as a stone cold killer, a perfect shot, more of a marksmen, as well an ideal assassin. So, Finally his father, Cearul had had just enough! He took his son aside to a secret meeting with the heads of the I.R.A. just to get permission, for they all lead...for an assassination, An attempt to murder Princes Alexandria.

Last King Main Characters
Last King Custom Characters
Last King RP Area!

These are the 1900's...that means follow the era please! Cellphones do not exist, the internet, does not exist, computers do not please follow the rules :/

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