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2007-11-08 18:24:52
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My wings beat to an unseen drum
My eye alive with flame
My scales shimmer the crimson red
As I turn my head to watch
The downfall of all my friends,
Nothing is certain in this perilous time
As the bard calls to the king

O King O King
The lands are hurt
As the dragon ramparts
The land, O mighty
King what can we
Do, do to end
This plague.

My wings ache with
The strain of flight
My body aches for
Rest, my fire burns
Away at me, gnawing
Away my sanity, Oh…
My spirit calls the
Dragon out in me
With fire burning and
Wings beating, my pain
Reflects in the song,
The song is my
Land, the land of
Me and all of
Its irony…
My land is my
Mind ravaged by me
All of the pain
You cant see, oh
Why o why must
It be this way the
Song of two separate
Beings, yet one and
The same in me?

Its a song I wrote, a while ago, but never finsihed.

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2007-11-08 [A work in progress]: So, yeah, this is not so much about my physicall life, its more a demonstration of how I feel mentaly.

2007-11-08 [making love to a corpse.]: Mommy, I love you. You've honestly become one of my best friends, even though we only met recently and haven't known each other in person yet. Thank the gods for the world we haven't, though - we'd be one crazy duo, don'cha think, Mommy? *Hugs tightly and kisses* You're the BEST mommy ever in the world! <333

2007-11-09 [A work in progress]: And your the best son ever! *huggles*

2007-11-12 [Lyeria]: So cute ^_^

2007-11-12 [A work in progress]: Grrr...

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