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Warning: This character is rated R for extreme violence, discriptive gore and torture, sadistic brutallity, and inhumane acts.

Name: Titan Esquire Scrios deireadh Maraithe Bas

Nationallity: None

Age: Never tell

Race: Ancient

Title: Genocidal General


Enhanced strength: Self explainatory

Microwave emission: Titan can increase the heat around him within a ten to fifteen meter radious, heat beyond the normal sunny day nice tan wheather, heat ranging from 150-300 degrees celcious, without affecting himself, and has on occasion been able to focus it into physical beams to launch out from his core.

Enhanced healing: Titan being of a long thought extinct race, has the racial ability to heal himself faster than the normal human can, a cut that would last a week or so for a human would last twelve hours, twenty four tops.

Soul Weaving: MAnipulation of anothers or ones personal life essence, manipulationg strings of life, or threads of existence that all have...devestating propertiesl


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