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2006-07-04 04:39:27
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Here's a page where we'll store our banners! Feel free to post one on your page to support the wiki!


And look! Our first banner.

And look! Our second banner

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2006-07-05 [♠unlucky starz♠]: erm... erm... magic mountain by LA

2006-07-05 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Hmm. Coool. never been there..hmm..'

2006-07-05 [♠unlucky starz♠]: hehe!! it was ace!! u shud go oneday!! ive gotta go the the west coast agen!

2006-07-05 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Hmm....I've only seen the ocean once...and i saw it in a place where a river dumped into it and the land kinda...closed in on it...there were dolphins but the water was brown..-__-

2006-07-06 [♠unlucky starz♠]: eeeewwww.... thats ikky... i dont do going in the sea cus there is fish in there!! and im scared of them! lol

2006-07-09 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Oh ya! You told me about your fishy phobia before!

2006-07-22 [♠unlucky starz♠]: yeas the evil thing that i had to confront at the evil sea world!! and at the sushi bar we went to on hols!! i didnt eat anything that day! lol!

2006-07-23 [Tyrant Calhoun]: I bet you didn't! Hehehe! I wouldn't have eaten anything either! Fish is disgusting. Poooor you, having to go to Seaworld...

2006-07-25 [♠unlucky starz♠]: it has nothing appealing to it at all! lol!! the dolphins were pretty tho!! lol

2006-07-25 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Yea, dolphins are pretty!

2006-07-31 [♠unlucky starz♠]: and they feel like velvet! lol

2006-07-31 [Tyrant Calhoun]: They do?? Amazziiiiing!

2006-08-01 [♠unlucky starz♠]: yeah!!!!! lol!!!

2006-08-01 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Wowwies, I must find a dolphin and pets it!

2006-08-01 [♠unlucky starz♠]: hehe!!! swim free to the dolphins! lol!

2006-08-04 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Swim free?? huh?

2006-08-07 [♠unlucky starz♠]: swin and have freedom!! yes the english are very confusing! lol!

2006-08-09 [Tyrant Calhoun]: Oh yes yes...^_^

2006-08-09 [♠unlucky starz♠]: hahaha!! and strange! lol!!

2006-08-09 [Tyrant Calhoun]: NEVER!!...sorry..just had to object hehe..

2006-08-11 [♠unlucky starz♠]: hahaha!

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