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2007-05-11 02:54:03
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When I Lost My Teddy Bear!

Where could it have gone?
So one day I was thinking, like really hard...

I relized I couldn't find my beloved teddy bear.

So as curious as I was I looked in my closet. Maybe it would be there.

But It wasn't, only a stupid frog.

I was sad, and scare. I wanted my teddy bear.

So I decided I would go look in the fish tank.

But once again all i found was a crummy frog.

So then my quest headed off to the kitchen where I looked in the fridge.

But all I found was olives!

So now I'm getting pretty mad, I mean I looked everywhere and now I spill a can of soda on the ground. What next?

Oh yah, I gotta clean it up.

So I went out side... and Oh my gosh! My teddy bear!

Yay! I'm soooo happy! I can't belive I found it!

Now I can throw it away.

/ [Box]

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2007-06-01 [Hedda]: <img:exitedN-gif.gif> Great fun!

2007-06-12 [kittykittykitty]: Haha... I love your face on this one:
<img50*0:stuff/z/21771/My%2520Teddy%2520Bear!/i1178850412_15.jpg> XD

2007-07-04 [emzy]: lol!

2007-07-05 [Box]: I feel so 3rd place...

2007-07-06 [Roman_Six]: It was allllll right i guess

2007-07-09 [Box]: It sucked XD The only reason I did this was because nobody had entered yet

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