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2006-11-23 18:05:41
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I am very tired of people dissing Dir en grey for this single. They change their sound on each of their albums, making them a unique band. Their lyrics aren't changing either, just read lyrics from kisou or GAUZE, albums where most of the songs have lyrics just as bad or even worse then the lyrics to Agitated Screams of Maggots.
The song itself is good, but RYOJOKU NO AME and CLEVER SLEAZOID are superior songs to me. I've been waiting for Kyo to scream throughout an entire song, and here it is. Kyo's been doing it at live shows for the past year, and people weren't complaining then, so stop complaining now. Even without the vocals, this song is amazing. Kaoru and Die seem to be battling each other with their guitars, creating a unique sound, and I don't know why somebody as small as Shinya can drum so quickly and well.
The live tracks are great, too, but the best of the three has to be KODOKU NI SHISU, YUENI KODOKU. You can close your eyes and imagine Kyo fish-hooking during the second verse, where there are no vocals. Spilled Milk is alright, but has never been one of my favorites of Dir en grey's, and OBSCURE is good, but I wish he actually sang more of it.
If this, SLEAZOID, and RYOJOKU are a taste of Dir en grey's new sound, I can't wait for their next album.

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