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Witch Hunts

In early modern europe, thousands of poeple were tried for
witchcraft; Most of them were poor and the elderly woman (just away of keeping poor and elderly poeple of the streets). Why?Because the christan church created the stereotype of a witch as someone who killed babies and enganed in sexual orgies during the night-time sabbats (or Sabbaths) in honoour of the Devil,The force of evil that was opposed to the christan God. The prosecutions, convictions and executions of witches varied in form and number in different parts of europe but all of them had similarities in the way they were carried out, who they were directed against, and thekind of people who propagated them. An examination of witch hunts in this period gives a particulr insight into a time of significant cultural and religious change

[Bookwyrm]:That's a popular story. It has nothing to do with real witches. It is a Christian/Catholic concept. It was a way for the church (and the accusers) to get rich quick. They claimed that someone was a witch/was hurting the village/town, etc. and when the person was killed they got that person's money and property. It has nothing to do with witchcraft. It has become a way for fake witches and Wiccans who are just looking for a reason to hate Christianity to have a "real reason" to insult that religion. "Emo-witches" are also given a "reason" to shout "YOU CAN'T BURN ME AT THE STAKE", etc etc and make themselves look stupid in front of real witches. Yet again, it has nothing to do with witchcraft.And sadly, the truth is actually worse. But people want to feel persecuted.


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2006-02-13 [Bookwyrm]: And I've heard that you have dyslexia. That's perfectly fine. But that doesn't give you the right to print false information.

2006-02-13 [xXxAngelxXx]: trying to get the best infomation that i know meself and can find out correct me if u think im wrong but it doesnt give u a legitiment reason to have a go at my spelling

2006-02-13 [Bookwyrm]: I wasn't having a go at your spelling. I was correcting your spelling, and I do that to everyone. And the reason I've been so rude is simply because you're advertising the false image of my religion. And that's not a point of view up there. That's a proven fact in history.

2006-02-13 [xXxAngelxXx]: evry 1 has a right to there opion im strill learning but that doesnt mean u can have u could of mearly expressed ure veiws on my opoion not ridicule them

2006-02-13 [Bookwyrm]: ::sighs:: That's not an opinion. That's a popular story. The reason I ridicule them is because I expect real Wiccans to actually learn about something before they start talking about it as if they know about it. It is not fair to real Wiccans and Witches that someone can come in and destroy everything they've been working for by simply making up stuff or talking about something they know nothing about. It is an opinion if it's the way you feel about it (and if it were an opinion you should state that it is and not talk about it as if it's a fact). But it isn't. It's a popular hate story inspired by people who hate Christianity.

2006-02-13 [Bookwyrm]: And sadly, the truth is actually worse. But people want to feel persecuted.

2006-02-13 [xXxAngelxXx]: I do agree with what you are saying. I have add you comment on to my wiki it thats ok. I was just so the 1 religon could have more power

2006-02-13 [Bookwyrm]: ::sighs:: forget about it...x_x I'm just not going to try anymore.

2006-02-13 [xXxAngelxXx]: I am stil learning but this wiki is so poeple like me can talk about what we know and help poeple to learn new thing. I have put you comment on the wiki so poeple can read and lean some think new. Hope you get what iam wirting because my spelling is bad so i just change word to word i know

2006-02-13 [Bookwyrm]: Their not learning new things if they're just discussing what they already know....And yes I can read what you're saying, I've read worse trust me.

2006-02-13 [xXxAngelxXx]: Can you writ down some books that you think are got to read so i can put in Books_

2006-02-13 [Bookwyrm]: I don't know too many books. I gather a lot of information from the internet for my wiki. If I ever find some good books I'll tell you about them.

2006-02-13 [xXxAngelxXx]: Thank you. and if get some think worg again tel me but plz be nicer about it. Thank you for your help

2006-02-13 [Bookwyrm]: I will. I just did on your pentacle, pentagram page. I'm attempting to be as nice as I can, I promise.

2006-02-13 [xXxAngelxXx]: We ok now

2006-02-13 [xXxAngelxXx]: Can you look at pentacle, pentagram page one more time for me plz. and thank you again

2006-02-13 [Bookwyrm]: I fixed it for you x_x Don't worry about it XD

2006-02-13 [xXxAngelxXx]: Big star. I know i keep thanking you but help me learn more so i thank you onecs more

2006-02-13 [Bookwyrm]: You're welcome. I have my own Wiccan Wiki The Wiccaning you can always go there to learn more...just don't take any of my stuff please x_x

2006-02-13 [xXxAngelxXx]: Will do

2006-02-13 [Bookwyrm]: ::nods::

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