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2009-09-01 23:29:42
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Below is an example of the classic chav

Notice how it can be spotted by its distinct
fake burrbery cap, and cheap choice of alcoholic beverage.
This specimen however seems to be breaking the mould somewhat
with the lack of the customary 12 sovereigns per finger (all stolen)
and the facial ski mask, essential equipment for chavs when out robbing.

A Chav will also do their upmost best to destroy anything remotely cultural or interesting,
usually by defacing it with a badly spelt grafetti tag or slogan they
found funny whilst watching (or appearing) on Jerremy Kyle.
Chav's are also associated with wife beating which is their
prefered pastime and number one activity for keeping fit,
in between lengthy stints in prison. A chav's usual mode of
transport is a stolen pegeout 106, customized with a decal
ripped off need for speed 2

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2009-11-13 [Andy8178]: Fosters is expensive in the states lol

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