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2012-04-04 03:51:56
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These deviant art artists have generously allowed us to use their artwork for Toggery cards:








our very own [Asrun]:

As soon as the new batch of cards is released, this is where you will find the original images we used!

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2012-03-01 [Stephen]: <img:>
That would make an awesome card.

I'd want this card, so cute!

2012-03-01 [Amalaswinta]: xD

2012-03-01 [Amalaswinta]: maybe... maybe not, it's a surprise ;)

2012-03-07 [Stephen]: More people, epic.

I'm happy.

2012-03-07 [Amalaswinta]: :)

2012-04-16 [kittykittykitty]: Will some of the older, more outdated-looking cards be updated with new art?

2012-04-16 [Amalaswinta]: I've thought about that... but I think it'd be kind of unfair to the people who helped build develop the card collection to do so.
so, if we are to replace a card, it could only be in those cases where both the card isn't in use and the card creator hasn't been online for at least a year...
I think... :)

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