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2005-08-11 14:36:29
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Ok the rules for this page are one no hacking com’s this is free (but I am looking at laws now but from what I know sharing is not illegal) I am going to make this sharing but how i don’t know how yet. I am working on that. I might make a program. There are going to be some more categories just let me know if I left something out.

Hi, this for those who love free mp3's a.k.a free music . I am putting a web address up for you; but I need more good songs. If you know any tell me.

<img:> I dont have that many songs yet. If you know of any let me know so I can expand the selection.

There are some unseen delays to all of this, sorry, I will get it up as soon as i can.

god of mp3's[Your Nuka]

2)[dark kitty in big trouble]
3)[Young J.C.]


All of this wiki page will get links to the big I might need money someday it might get too big soo I will do my best. My company is doing this all for you go see us at (comming soon) sorry website is down


rock music
r&b music
rap music
hard rock music
free mp3's songs ass of now
free mp3's boardroom to get what you need if I don't have it
free mp3's the mp3 list


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2005-08-09 [*_*]: ok people lets get this working ok

2005-08-10 [Alexandra the Great]: lol, nice, i like it

2005-08-10 [*_*]: loli have been working out it for ever one day it well realy be working but for now if i could get peole to chat in here that would be nice or one of the links

2005-08-10 [Sexual;Spasm___x]: freee??????????????????????????

2005-08-10 [*_*]: yes once i get the muny for the surver right now its just for music chat but i do need a lot of help with this to

2005-08-10 [Sexual;Spasm___x]: but wudn't dat just cost u money 2 get em so other people get it free?

2005-08-10 [._]: Can I join, I've got Heavy Metal Mp3's to share? Plus I think all music should be free

2005-08-10 [*_*]: i well foind a way to get it to workits well be like elftown and ep the web sit well not work if peopel dont donate

2005-08-11 [._]: oh i c

2006-03-10 [Enneigard Rebirth]: bleah

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