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Lost in Tarnation

The art of ben kelly

Everything, including text and image, is copywritten and original, please keep that in mind, and enjoy.



it covers all forms of the word, such as indifference to the suffering seen in the media to the playground, all the way to a deeper sexual indifference, which is almost never picked up on.


Watching Violets Bloom

no one is watching me
i dont think that
care to where the
violets bloom and the
time is soon, i will
well, time has run
i am in the spotlight
in the corner

Don't Make A Sound: A Self-Portrait

Don’t Make a Sound

What would I be thinking if I
Wasn’t thinking this
What would I be shooting if I
Didn’t shoot to miss
And will I be running
When the love has all run out
I’m not running yet
But that doesn’t mean I won’t

Your eyes that taste like honey
And your lips that glow like ice
With the lingering of your tongue
You keep me up all night
And will I be crying when
All your tears have all ran dry
The well of that water is
Behind your honeyed eyes

A one way mirror and
A blatant two faced kiss
A lover wrapped in razor wire
This all in search of bliss
And the light from your eyes
Will never come around
They are a light house in the fog
And you don’t make a sound

I will still remember the
Words you whispered in my ear
And the way your words stung me
Like a frozen razor tear
And now the truth has fallen
And landed on your cheek
And your eyes are blinded
And your lips are very weak

You ruined all I made for us
With your murmured breath
And your kiss was no longer sweet
But now the kiss of death
Truth has fallen down
And landed on your cheek
And your eyes are blinded
By the words you heard you speak

And now I am running
From the truth I found in lies
And all I can remember is
That I never said goodbye
And now I am tripping
And I will fall to the ground
And no one will help me up
And you don’t make a sound

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2005-04-08 [n/aaaaa]: *hands ben one* There you go ^_^  Hott-ness proof ;D

2005-04-08 [Born Loser]: I love it. It's awesome

2005-04-08 [n/aaaaa]: *pats losers back* I hardly know you, but your cool already ^_^

2005-04-08 [tarnation]: *dances* WOOT WOOT i have a thermo-proof camera! *dances some more*

2005-04-08 [n/aaaaa]: LOL! XD  Created only for you ^_^

2005-04-08 [smippygong2418]: OOOO now lets go test it out *devilish grin*

2005-04-08 [n/aaaaa]: gO, Go....have fun! ^_^ 

2005-04-08 [tarnation]: haha.... i need a plane ticket first... >.< *tear*

2005-04-08 [n/aaaaa]: *goes through pockets* DAMMIT!! >.< I dont have any Q_Q

2005-04-08 [smippygong2418]: lol someone must have a plane ticket...or maybe a convenient teleporter pad!

2005-04-08 [n/aaaaa]: LOL!!! *checks pockets for one of those* 

2005-04-09 [tarnation]: I KNOW!! instead of biomedical whatzamahoozits, you should go into teleport pad research!!

2005-04-09 [n/aaaaa]: *slaps head* OF COURSE!

2005-04-10 [smippygong2418]: lol aww i wish i could, but they dont allow elfs to study magic, they believe we know it already and are hiding it from the public :(

2005-04-10 [n/aaaaa]: LOL!

2005-04-11 [tarnation]: damn... well, im out of ideas.... *lightbulb* I KNOW!! instead of spending all that money on research... we can just BUY you a plane ticket!!

2005-04-15 [smippygong2418]: hehe okie that works, i like flying ^_^ planes are great!

2005-04-16 [n/aaaaa]: ........will the peanuts be any good? o_O

2005-04-16 [smippygong2418]: who's? benjis or the planes? ^_^ ...and they dont do that anymore, they give preztels and granola bars, which are ok...sorta...

2005-04-16 [n/aaaaa]: LOL!!! OMG.....ROFL......That was a good one XD ...heh....Ben's.... Well, how were either of them ^_^

2005-04-17 [smippygong2418]: hehe i dont know yet! i havent taken this plane ride or the visit ...yet =)

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