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2011-10-31 19:47:02
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Hey guys I would like to say that after much time and thinking I've decided that I want to run for Elfpack crew!!!!

Why should I be accepted

you ask?

~ Well I know how to use the PseudoHTML ((ok I admit I still have to refer to the page but in general I know and understand it))

~ I'm on Elfpack 'frequently' and by frequently I mean pretty much I'm either working/sleeping/or eping :D

~ I've had an active account on Elfpack since 2005 and I love this site dearly

~ True I haven't donated money to Elfpack if I could I would I just don't have any spare money so I thought if I can't donate money to making EP a bigger brighter spot maybe I can donate time

~ I've made ton's of Wiki's so I have no problem with making new ones :D and I have one wiki Video Games which I think could bring in more outsiders to Elfpack

~ I'm very patient and understanding, willing to help out NOOBs however I can :)

~ I'm wolvie >:D

sorry I know this isn't the prettiest wiki page I've ever made but I feel sometimes words are more important then shiny pictures and stuff :)

ok so these are my official supporters :D

Supporters of Wolvie

please state your reason for supporting me :)

1. [Ritsuka-Kun] ^^

2. [HeAVenShallBuRN] - Cause she's Wolvie...duh

3. [garbageman82] - Because she's awesome. But, also because she eats, sleeps and breathes ElfPack. :)

4. [shiome18]-because i loves the wolfy lots n miss her :) and cause there is lots of truth to her words :)

5.[GlassCasket] I was forced into this >.>

6. [Cerulean Sins] :D

Thank you in advance for reading this :)

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2011-09-04 [wolvie]: I knew I was forgetting something :O *adds it now!*

2011-09-04 [Ritsuka-Kun]: woosh yea :D

2011-09-06 [shiome18]: hi wolfy. chu remember me?

2011-09-06 [Stephen]: <img:stuff/StephenKangaTrans.png?y=100>

2011-09-06 [wolvie]: I do *huggles* sup? :D oh god...the butt roo xD

2011-09-07 [wolvie]: you were not xD

2011-09-07 [Ritsuka-Kun]: lies? xD

2011-09-07 [GlassCasket]: i was too

2011-09-07 [GlassCasket]: my own subconscious forced me into this!

2011-09-07 [Ritsuka-Kun]: epic xD

2011-09-07 [wolvie]: how evil :o

2011-09-07 [Stephen]: -yawns-

2011-09-07 [wolvie]: it wasn't me!

2011-09-07 [Ritsuka-Kun]: was too? xD

2011-10-03 [wolvie]: I regret to post that since I will be moving and am not guaranteed internet access I must withdraw my application until further notice

2011-10-03 [Stephen]: =(


2011-10-03 [wolvie]: i know but there's just no way I can stay in my current appartment theirs mold everywhere and the shower shockingly still isn't fixed so hopefully i'll move on friday and since I "borrow" my neighbors connection I can't be guaranted to have internet for a little while but I think I'll re-have the nets by the begining of the year :)

2011-10-03 [Stephen]: Well, that's good. It's very good you're moving into a better location. :)

2011-10-03 [wolvie]: yes o.o the apartment i'm in now is disgusting

2011-11-02 [Stephen]:

Moo Cow says..

2011-11-03 [wolvie]: awes moo cow :D

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