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2009-09-01 23:13:56
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Below is an example of the typical Metalhead

Alot of Metalheads will also usually have facial piercings
and/or tatoos, most likely of cliched things such as
the following: a topless women, and topless mermaids,
any type of topless female, their wives vagina or a skull
surrounded by flames. Being notoriously tight, Metalheads
will also pay the cheapest most dogdy backroom tatooist avaliable,
hence simple sentences like "die in hell" will actually
come out as "dye @ bell" or likewise.

However this being said Metalheads will usually take on a very
defensive stance about passonate topics such as music (and other
shit they get up to inside their mums garage) For example
Trad metal lovers will be reduced to tears if anyone reference's
koRn or limp bizik in their presence (typical Metalhead passafisim
is forgotten over these grounds), and in turn Nu Metalers will
claim that Kerry King is not infact the be all and end all of
the entire world (contery to popular MetalHammer belief)

It is a scienfific fact that Metalheads like the dark, 
sweaty mosh pits, deafeningly lound music, and Buffy the
Vampire Slayer.To not like any of the afore mentioned topics
is punishable by satanic goat sacrafice leading to death.

That is all.

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