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You may have noticed in your house, you have a message that says "Current priv (Can't be changed): <number>". Chances are you got to this page by clicking on the word priv. Your priv is your member privilege level. For general members, this number is between 90 and 101. A priv enables you to do something special on Elfpack -- be it uploading an image directly to a wiki-page, banning a member, or editing Mainstuff. The following information describes what these strange and mystical numbers enables and who generally has them.

Priv 101
This is the priv of the normal member. All new members have this priv. It doesn't enable any special features.

Priv 100
If you select that you want to be a member of the Elfpack Crew in your presentation, your priv will be 100. It doesn't enable anything, either.

Priv 99
A priv of 99 enables a member to upload any image type and size to a wiki-page, using the wiki-upload option in the right side bar. Press the "Upload a file" button to make the upload box appear. It also enables the ability to invite other members to join Elfpack -- a link to inviting members will appear on Mainstuff, and in your house.

Priv 94
Priv 94 enables you to upload any file to a wiki-page. It is mostly used for artists who wish to upload their works in formats other than general images. The upload box is enabled the exact same way the image upload box is. If you have this priv, please do not upload copyrighted files or huge files to Elfpack. If you want to upload a large file that you created, message [Hedda] first.

Priv 90
Priv 90 is the lowest priv a normal member can have. It enables the use of the iframe tag.

The following privs are Crew-Only

Priv 89
Trainee Council Members and some Volunteers have this priv. It enables the editing of Mainstuff articles and polls, the ability to make any page an index page, the ability to edit your own badge and treasury slots and the ability to give members a priv of 90 or higher.

Priv 79
Council members and Contest Mod Volunteers have this priv. It enables the ability to give other members badges and treasury slot items using the 'Multibadge' link in <URL:bookmarks.html>.

Priv 49
Custodians and some Council members have this priv. It enables the ability to view any wiki-page, and all wiki-pages can be edited with page owner rights.

Priv 29
Guards-in-Training have this priv. It enables seeing and editing to-Guards tickets filed on members, deleting posts from any forum, changing forum bosses and handling member applications.

Priv 14
Guards have this priv. It enables writing secret-service comments on member houses, seeing IP-Addresses, changing other members' data, writing alarm notes and banning/unbanning members.

Priv 13
Advanced/Senior Guards have this priv. It enables deleting all wiki-page comments at once and erasing all the past versions of a wiki-page, making the current version the newest (and only) version.

Priv 4
The Guard Captain and Sergeants have this priv. It enables being able to change anyone's priv to any priv from 1-100, reading all private messages, making forum-dictators, changing the Mainstuff Stylesheet, giving special "titles and orders" in the memberhouse and writing Mainstuff Ads.

Priv 3
The Deputy Wardens have this priv. It's essentially the same as priv 4, it's just a symbolic number.

Priv 2
The Warden (Stephen) has this priv.

Priv 1
The Programmer (Hedda) has this priv.


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2006-07-22 [Stephen]: Hey Debby, priv 79 can multibadge. ;)

2006-07-24 [Stephen]: I don't know for sure, since I don't have priv 29, but I think 29 can make members forum bosses with the new little change boss option. :P

2006-07-24 [Sunrose]: Right, thanks :)

2006-07-25 [kittykittykitty]: What priv can edit other member's treasuries?

2006-07-25 [Firenze]: I know priv 79 can multibadge people not sure about treasuries...ET doesn't have treasuries as far as I am aware and m friend who has 79 on ET isn't online so can't ask her, best ask Sunny

2006-07-26 [Sunrose]: I don't think 79 can do that :)

2006-12-22 [icebox8880]: Can I please have privs 99? I've made some graphics and I want to upload them.

2006-12-22 [Big Brother]: what kinda pics do you wish to upload, cause there are upload options in your house at the top for photo albums, do you wish to donate art and such??

2006-12-22 [icebox8880]: Yes that's what I meant. It's bullets and dividers for the ep graphics. I also have prics on ET.

2006-12-22 [icebox8880]: Oh can I also be able to upload transparent graphics?

2006-12-22 [Big Brother]: you now have 99 priv, and as long as you save them properly you can make them transparent.

2006-12-31 [icebox8880]: ^^ thank you! I know how to! *huggles very tight* I LURV YOU!

2007-07-10 [O___O]: I have a question. I had a previous account, and I believe my privs were 94... I'm really only looking for 99 so that I can upload graphics to a wiki I'm hoping to make. Can you help me out?

2007-07-10 [Big Brother]: you had 93, but if 99 is all you need that's what ya got.....why did you switch? what's the point????

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