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As My Freind Ryan Said This Wiki Is Made To Be The Shit On Your Shoe


Anarchy Forever Defy Authority, Ignore Society, Question Reality! Council Sucks They Look At You Like Your Inferior I Say We Band Together And Take Over This Place Whos With Me!?


My Freind Ryan Davis Made This Wiki On ElfTown So I Figure We Need One Too.





There Once Was A Man From Bangoo,
Who Fell Asleep In A Canoe,
He Dreamed Of Venus,
And Played With His Penis,
And Woke Up With A Hand Full Of Goo,
Fucking Tree

A guy looking for a job finds that a certain mill is hiring
lumberjacks. So he goes out to the mill and talks to the foreman
who tells him all about the job, pay, and housing for all of the
lumberjacks. Everything looks perfect and the guy is ready to go
to work at once.

But when he was walking around he noticed that there weren't any
women around. So he pulls the foreman aside and asks him what
everyone does for sex. The foreman laughs and brings him over to
this big tree that has a hole in it. "This is the fucking tree.
Whenever you get horny, come over and put your dick in the hole
and fuck away. Trust me, it does the trick every time." The man
thinks it's kind of odd, but takes the job anyway.

The days go by and soon the man gets horny. He thinks about
taking it out on the tree, but it still seems weird to him, so
he goes to his room and jacks off. A week passes and the guy
gets hornier and hornier and jacking off isn't enough for him.
So finally he figures, "What the hell," and sneaks over to the
fucking tree in the middle of the night, whips out his dick and
puts it in the hole. To his surprise, it feels great! Soon
enough he starts to fuck the shit out of it. After a great
session he goes back to bed with a big smile.

The next day after a hard day of work, he makes another visit to
the tree and it's even better this time. Again he pounds away at
the tree. He can't believe how amazing the tree is and wonders
what kind of magic tree they have. Things just couldn't get
better for him.

The following day, he runs to the tree after work, hurriedly
takes out his dick and puts it into the sweet warm fucking tree.
The tree just gets better and better everyday. He goes at it
again, and afterwards can hardly walk.

The next day all he can think about is going back to the fucking
tree. Every tree that he cuts down is one less tree in his way
of the fucking tree. Finally the day is done, and he takes off
for the tree. Pulls out his dick, grabs hold of the tree, and
shoves it in. Nothing. The man is shocked. He tries again, but
still nothing. Feeling very frustrated, the man storms off to
the foreman. "What's wrong with the fucking tree? I've been
there three times already and it's been better each time, but
today, I ran up to it, stuck my dick in and nothing happened.
What the hell happened?" The foreman thinks for a second and
then says, "Oh yeah, I know, didn't they tell you? Today's your
day in the tree."


(Under COnstruction plz Help)


This Is A Fake Lambo If You Dont Get It You Must Be A Blonde OR Mentally Ill. Let Me Spell It Out..The Car Is Painted On The Van..YAY IM SMART



[this is how the dragons do it! (Thats how they all disapeared)]


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2005-06-18 [hjkjkl]: so whats goin on?

2005-06-19 [woofuckinghoo]: ok then

2005-06-19 [cjackson]: n2m..jus bored.. got back from the beach a little while ago

2005-06-23 [donttalktome]: what is this all about?

2005-06-23 [hjkjkl]: whats up my niggies ??

2005-06-30 [superego]: isn't this a great place?

2005-06-30 [RabidSphinx]: it rox my sox

2005-08-03 [~SEXY!~]: hey that casts fliping off

2005-08-03 [~SEXY!~]: hey that cat is flipping off!

2005-08-03 [cjackson]: O.o

2005-08-03 [RabidSphinx]: ?

2005-08-03 [cjackson]: ...

2005-08-03 [RabidSphinx]: &

2005-08-06 [Darkness Guardian]: ??

2005-08-11 [Ashley1]: whats up my niggies?? :D

2005-08-11 [cjackson]: O.o nothin...

2005-11-27 [80's Metal Head]: SUP BITCHES IM BAK!!!

2005-12-03 [cjackson]: lol cool

2005-12-29 [member has been deleted]: wassup yall?

2005-12-29 [80's Metal Head]: heyness

2008-07-21 [itweetinHEELS]: this is hot ;)

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