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2008-01-11 23:50:17
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Welcome to the flowing river where all come to relax & forget about their worries.


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2008-08-30 [Luna Armonial]: *walks down towards the river, sits near the edge as my ears droop & i stare into the water with shame* why must i be such a fool?

2008-09-02 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: why are you a fool ???
*sitsd beside you

2008-09-02 [Luna Armonial]: *looks at you then stares back into the water with a slight shrug* Doesn't matter...

2008-09-05 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: yes it does

2008-09-06 [Luna Armonial]: No it doesn't because i already forgot what i was irritated about.

2008-11-13 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: so ...ummm whats new with the pack?

2008-11-16 [Luna Armonial]: *shrugs* Not too sure hardly on EP anymore, you should know that.

2008-11-16 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: i noticed you know

2008-11-18 [Luna Armonial]: *looks over at you* Noticed what that i've given up slightly compared to before when you first ran into me ?

2008-11-19 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: yea

2008-11-26 [Luna Armonial]: *laughs, sits down* Can't push myself to care when all the world turns it's back.

2008-11-26 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: i love you...

2008-11-26 [Luna Armonial]: *tilts my head, looks at you* Ok what have you been taking ? *leans back on my elbows, stares up at the sky*

2008-11-26 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: viagra

2008-11-26 [Luna Armonial]: *rolls around on the ground laughing* Well that explains it, with viagra i think you would tell anyone you love them.Besides that's not good for you Argon, you promised no drugs. *sticks out tongue, sits up*

2008-11-26 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: no i said im quiting the drugs im on ...if i quit all drugs i would have to leave elfpack

2008-11-27 [Luna Armonial]: O.o why would you have to leave elfpack ?

2008-11-27 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: becuase to me you are a drug

2008-11-29 [Luna Armonial]: *smirks* You could of had me fooled with the way you act.*stands up, walks towards a nearby tree*

2008-11-29 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: im a great actor thanks

2008-11-29 [Luna Armonial]: Sure no problem...*steps into the river, holds my stance as i make a small ball of water watching it dance around in front of me as i trance out*

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