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Written about Wednesday 2009-01-28
Written: (4172 days ago)

Quote of the day
Hey mister Devil, since you're damned and all...
You wanna ask the Lord why he gave me a retarded guardian angel?! When I fell off of the cliff, he was supposed to catch me--not pray for me!

Lyric of the day
I shot the hooker!

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Written about Tuesday 2009-01-27
Written: (4173 days ago)

Quote of the day
Oh shit,---I mean stuff! Oh damn, I gotta delete that! fuck!!

Lyric of the day
I pray you've heard the words I've spoken...

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Written about Monday 2009-01-05
Written: (4196 days ago)

Random lyric of the day
Everything has been said before
nothing left to say anymore,
when it's all the same you can ask
for it by name...

Random quote of the day
"Too much?"

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Written about Friday 2008-12-12
Written: (4219 days ago)

Rant of the day lol
grrrrr I know this isn't even a reason to be pissed, but oh well. So, I wanted clean pants for when I woke up this morning--I threw a load of laundry into the dryer, and it was like nine o' clock. So, I had to go to bed--and our dryer sucks, so I asked my mom if she could just turn the dryer on again when it went off, so I would have clothes in the morning. All nice and soft like, she goes "yeah". Well, I knew she wasn't listening, and sure as shit, I wake up come down to get pants and Vual-fuckin'-ah all the clothes are still wet cause she didn't feel like getting up to press the dial again. Dammit. Now I have no pants. pisses me off, cause now I have to find some dirty pants from the stupid hamper, that probably smell like 'nasty'. very angry.

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Written about Wednesday 2008-12-10
Written: (4221 days ago)

Random Lyric of the day!
If someone said three years from now,
You'd be long gone--I'd stand up and punch them out,
cause their all wrong.
I know better,
cause you said forever...
and ever--who knew.

Random quote of the day!
Deg: Manda seriously, make school go away LOL
Me: *poof*
Okay I think I did it...or maybe I just 'poofed' lmfao</b>
Missing: </i>

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Written about Wednesday 2008-12-03
Written: (4228 days ago)
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Yes, I had a horrid dream last night. So, I don't even know where it came from--not to mention, I've never played the game--but I had a dream about Final fantasy 7 Crisis Core. My brother played it, and half of my friends have played it...but I've never played it, and I've never seen how Zach dies. But, in my dream, I for some reason saw him dying.

So here's how it happened...For some reason, my brother hated me. (And yes, this dream gets funky O.o) and in my dream, he came into my room, and wanted to kill me. So I threw a knife at him, and it hit the wall. Then, I went into my parents room to complain about him, and came out even angrier because they provoked me to become angry. Well, I grabbed the knife from my wall, and stabbed bobby. And it turns out, the whole time; he was trying to actually save me from someone, and he wasn't bobby, he was Zach from Crisis Core. So, (RANDOM SCENERY CHANGE NO LONGER IN MY HOME), suddenly, we are at this lake. And supposedly, the water can heal you. !? but anyways, in the dream, Zach is okay; but because I had hated him so much, he can't stand it--because I guess it made him feel absolutely terrible. So he climbs into the water; and looks at me, and then he whispers "I hate you". Then, he pulls a knife out of his pocket; and stabs himself in the side. He of course falls backwards, and dies in the water. So I go running over there, and I wrap my arms around his chest to bring him out of the water; sobbing because he was my brother, and had just killed himself, and lay him on the beach. THEN, the worst part of it all, is I woke up--and when I went back to sleep, it all happened all over again. Only this time, Instead of him being my brother (which was really weird and everything), he's NOT my brother, and he's fighting at the beach. So someone stabs him, and he's dying. I'm at the battle scene, everyone stops when he gets stabbed (because yeah, THAT happens when someone on the opposite side gets stabbed, everything just stops O.o), but anyways, I'm all crying again, and he's dying in my arms as I try to scoop him up and drag him over to the life water. Well, of course, he dies like right as I'm slipping him into the lake; and then I start to cry again, hugging him to myself, and pulling him out of the water. I woke up crying people lol It was horrible v.v Anyways, that's my dream of the day.

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Written about Monday 2008-12-01
Written: (4231 days ago)

Random lyric of the day!

You know you can't hold me forever...
I didn't sign up for you;
I'm not a present for your friends to open--
this boy's to young to be singin'...
the blues...

Random thought of the day!
It better snow harder better faster and stronger--DEG! LIKE SORONIANS! >:D

...yeah lol g'night!

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Written about Wednesday 2008-07-16
Written: (4368 days ago)

As night time seemed to fill the sky,
I said good morning to a guy
who limped and hobbled his way down the hall
a thin narrow way not made for the tall.
He grinned at me with a lopsided smile,
and told me to spin the clockwise dial.
as I spun it around
counterclockwise and smooth,
I realized my time was up in the booth.
so I hung up the phone and looked you in the eye,
and realized again
that I was the guy.

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Written about Wednesday 2008-07-16
Written: (4368 days ago)

The cry from a child,
that makes me insane,
the pain I don't feel when I know

They whine and they squeal
in hurt and with hope,
that their fun will come back
and again they return.

I wish that the ache in my mind would just stop-
cause all that I feel is the a stinging white throb.
I want to inflict such a suffering and hurt,
on the one who won't stop
all this whining
just stop!

shut up little child!
you don't know what is good...
how many toys can you count,
and what you see makes you shout?

I want more!
screams a child,
screams a child
screams a child...

too bad little girl
you've just lost your last swallow.

there's no food in your palace now,
and youre all by yourself.
so swallow your last breath
and be ready for new [h][o][m][e].
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Written about Wednesday 2008-07-16
Written: (4368 days ago)

before anyone reads this amazin quote made by [Deg] let me tell you, we were talking about how she always has dreams about school. And they're not always even about school but she knows shes in our school. THIS QUOTE IS SO RANDOM AND I LAUGHED REALLY FUCKING HARD WHEN I HEARD IT LOL

"yeh and then I had one last night that I needed my schedual but I didn't have it so instead of going to my classes I put on my swimming suit and there was this huge bathtub in the corner that was like all tucked in and nice and the water was really hot and I took a bath I don't know why I had my swimsuit on but I'm glad I did because the fire alarm went off and I had to get out of the tub and go outside and it was winter and I was fucking freezing."

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Written about Wednesday 2008-07-02
Written: (4383 days ago)


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Written about Wednesday 2008-04-09
Written: (4466 days ago)

Ma name ees Spih-er mane!

ma spih-er sane-ses awer tang-leen!

danger ees approach-in! Ah cane see tha robbers ferm a moil aw-oy!!

*music begins*
Spih-er Mane,
Spih-er mane,

dose wah-eeaver a spih-er cane...

buh om nawt,
spih-er mane,

ah am ohn-lay heeis photog-ra-for! bwahahahaha okay what the hell is my problem I don't know

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