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xsxclaurenx (every do my poll plz)

Member #13836 created: 2005-04-03 16:15:50Simple URL:   

Name: lauren


me pissed lol x


zoe n me (im in pink skirt btw lol)

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Crazy kid

hey am lauren n apparently crazy lol! love all me babes! spec me cuz charlie!!! check out her pro [~*~ charlie~babez ~*~] n her sexy poses lol xxxx plz leave me a message!
N please answer me poll! cheers xx
[இTycbFukin StuartyTycbஇ] This is dan n hes sound as fuck n i loves him! xxxxx

OH n every1 go on n sign me guestbook plz even if dont no ya jst leave random msg cheers lol!

oh by the way it says am 160 cm tal but i dono wot that is lol so lets jst say am 5ft5! that all i no really! oh n plz sign me guesbook xxxx#

all da ppl i love 2 bits: paul,luke,adam,alex,chinny,carter,jimmy,poddy,phil,gareth,lewis,danny,karl,neil,westie n all da ova sexi lads!
kayz,shane,kim,kelz,linz,anne,hayley,zoe,charlie(me cuz), jess me cuz, mel,louise,tanya,chels(me cuz) n all da rest! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oi oi sexi stitty! love ya loads hun n no worries will still do ya on da car bonnet hehe!

Eres all me lil sayin dat am always sayin lol

OI OI Big boy!

Oh she loves it!

Av it in a bush mush!

Shes da kiddie!

Damn rite it is!

Oh its gotta b dun!


i like da luk of ya lolly can i av a lick?!?

Beat a meat!

Oi oi sailor!

Hehe cant think of nemore now lol but will add more am soon since got bored!

Name - lauren
Age - 15
Height - Bout 5ft 4
Weight: 7 stone 7
hair - Dark
eye colour - Blue
smoke - Not nemore
in a relationship - nah we split up last week
Fave colour - PINK!
Fave instrument - drums or somit i dono
Fave animal - dog
Fave band - umm not a clue i like all sorts of music no rock or nethin tho
What do ya do in ya spare time - go out wit mates! fri nites go dwn canford heath woo woo
Wotz ya ideal gal / guy - sum1 fit n funi
Fave hols destination - IBIZA! or majorca met 24 lads woo woo lol
Where would you take someone on a date -i dono really

Fave food - Pasta or chinese

Thought about someone - yup i av bin thinkin ov sum1 n he nos hu he is
Been to work - nope bin in ibiza
Been to a party - no not in ages
Had a food fight -yeh jst now chinny threw his sandwhich at me so i lobbed my drink lol
Watched Friends on tv - nope
Had a fight - only wit me dad lol
Been shopping -umm i aint in ages
Kissed anyone - yeh on sat cuz was me last day in ibiza weyhey lol
Hugged anyone - yup plenty ppl
Told a lie -nope am gd gal lol

Who was the last person you talked to online - umjimmy n shane
What was the last thing you listened to - gasolina
What would you be thinking about whilst drawing an egg - wot a sexi egg lol
Fave car - ummm somit sexi wit blue neons lol
Fave sport - fottie
Fave person -i dono really probs jimmy
Best m8s - kayz,shane,gabby,kelz,mel,linz,zoe, katy there a few lol! n lads gotta b paul, alex, chinny
Fave friend - kayz me sexi onion prob
Worst enemy -KEVA! cant stnd er
Who was your first kiss with:umm this lad called aaron wen i was 5

1) Dated one of your best friends:yeh dint work out!
2) Loved/Liked: av liked loads n loved a few lol
3) Cried: yeh i cried 2day actually!
4) Drank alcohol: LOADS! lol n will agen this fri!
5) Done drugs: ooooo
6) Broken the law: yeh plenty times
7) Broken a bone:nope neva n hopefully i wont lol
8) Cheated on a test:yeh we all do it lol
9) Skinny dipped:nah but i will soon lol
10) Played Truth or Dare: yup propa funi nite! i ended up in shed woo woo
11)Ridden in a fire truck: is that a fire engine lol
12) Come close to dying:umm i dont think so
13) Burned yourself:yeh i put me hand on cooker hot plate thingy n ad go ospital
14) Given someone a piggy back/shoulder ride: yeh sept i prefer getin umm! i can neva carry ppl lways fall ova lol
15) Eaten a worm/mud pie:maybe wen i was lil
16) Stayed up till four on the phone: yeh was till 6 tho 2 sum random lad n i was singin twinkle twinkle lil star lol
17) Tipped over a port-a-potty:no wud b a rite crease if i did tho mite try it
18)Fell asleep while eating: no not that i no of
19) Met someone famous:yup! i was like oh hi i no u lol
20) Been in a school play: yeh wen was lil
21) Cried in public:yeh n all the lads hugged me lol so was all gd
22) Seen someone die: not really lol
23) been in a fist fight: yeh stupid bitch! lol
24) given someone a bruise:yeh pushed dan off pavement
25) gotten a bruise:yeh on me leg
26) knocked somone out:hehe damn rite soz tina i loves ya loads n sori bout everythin that happened
27) been knocked out: yeh n it want funi lol wit the door wen pissed!
28) flipped any vehicles: umm only
29) cut someone:yeh n dint mean 2 tho but he grabbed me lol
30) been cut: yeh n it hurt
31) burnt any buildings down:nope
32) sex in public:on the beach weyhey lol
33) mooned someone: yup loads on motorway propa crease
34) acted kidnapped in a car: no i dont really get kidnapped lol
35) flashed someone: yeh all the time lol
36) kissed an ass: wen was pissed lol
37) blew something up:yup me hairdryer lol
38) caught your yard on fire:nope
39) threw a firecracker at someone:nope aint that mean lol
40) been in any wars: only wit chinny lol
41) stayed up all night: yeh alot
42) slept all day:nah neva can
43) watched the sunrise: yup aww lol
44) rode a motorcycle:on the back lol
45) driven a car: yeh was well gd
46) wrecked a car: nah dnt think so
47) gotten a tity twister: yup
48) given a tity twister: yeh bless im soz dean
49) posed for a nude pic: cant say i av
50) been suspended: yeh only 4 cuple of days tho
51) been expelled: nope
52) been arrested: not exactly arrested jst driven home in pigs car lol
53) been in jail: nah no ppl hu r tho u naughti lads lol

Age: 16Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 7

Gender: female

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Exact place of living: dorset

Known languages

hip hopraptechno

Other interests
chasing the preferred sexdancingdrinks

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

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