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I love my baby so much (RIP mom miss you already always in my heart)

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Name: its for you to find out


this is what i look like now i hope you guys like it


this is my mom and my grandmother they both passed away and i miss them very much mere: november 21 1940-january 13 2008
mom: june 8 1960-may 5 2009 RIP both of you guys

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AdventurerCrazy kid

I'm in grade 10!


This is Rey mysterio! He's my favorite wrestler! He's sooooooooooooo amazing!

~*i cried because of this!*~
Boy- hey, Hun
Girl- hey
Boy- I missed u at school 2day, y weren't u there?
Girl- yeah, I had to go to the doctor.
Boy- oh really? Why?
Girl- oh nothing, annual shots that’s all.
Boy- oh
Girl- so what did we do in math 2day?
Boy- u didn’t miss anything that
great.......just lots of notes
Girl- ok good
Boy- yeah
Girl- hey I have a question......
Boy- ok, ask away
Girl-........How much do u love me?
Boy- u know I love u more than anything
Girl- yeah.....
Boy- y did u ask?
Boy- is something wrong?
Girl- no nothing at all
Boy- good.
Girl- ..............How much do u care about me?
Boy- I would give u the world in a heartbeat if i could.
Girl- u would?
Boy- yeah.........of course I would >sounding worried< is there something wrong??
Girl- no, everything’s fine......
Boy- are u sure?
Girl- yeah.
Boy- ok.......I hope so.
Girl- ..............Would u die for me?
Boy- I would take a bullet for u anyday, Hun
Girl- really?
Boy- anyday. Now seriously, is there something wrong???
Girl- no I’m fine, ur fine, we're fine, everyone’s fine.
Boy- ............ok
Girl-......................well i have to go ill c u 2morrow at school.
Boy- alright, bye. I LOVE YOU.
girl- yeah, I love u 2, bye.
Boy- hey, have u seen my g/f 2day?
Friend- no
Boy- oh.
Friend- she wasn’t here yesterday either.
Boy- I know, she was acting all weird on the phone last night.
Friend- well dude u know how gurls are sumtimes
Boy- yeah........But not her.
Friend- idk what else 2 say, man.
Boy- k well I gotta get 2 english, ill c ya after school.
Friend- yeah I gotta get to science, ttyl.
>>THAT NIGHT: > >> > > >> >
Girl- hello?
boy- hey
Girl- oh, hi.
Boy- y weren't u at school 2day?
Girl- uh.......i had another doctor appointment.
Boy- are u sick?
Girl- i have 2 go, my mom's callin on my other line.
Boy- ill wait.
Girl- it may take a while, ill call u later.
Boy-........Alright, I love u Hun.
very long pause
Girl- (with tear in her eye) look, I think we should break up.
Boy- what???
Girl- it’s the best thing for us right now.
Boy- y????
Girl- I love u.
> >click< > >> > > >> >
boy- hey dude
friend- hey
boy- what’s up
Friend- nothing, hey have u talked 2 ur ex lately?
boy- no
Friend- so u didn’t hear?
Boy- hear what?
Friend- um idk if I should be the one to tell u......
boy- dude, wtf tell me
friend- this number....433-555-3468
Boy- ok............
Voice- hello, county hospital, this is nurse beckam.
Boy- uh.......I must have the wrong number, I’m looking for my friend.
Voice- what is her name, sir?
(boy gives info)
Voice- yes, this is the right number, she is one of our patients here.
Boy- really? y? What happened??? How is she???
Voice- her room number its ..666, in building A, suite 3.
Voice- plz come by sir and you can see her, goodbye.
Boy- WAIT! NO!
*dial tone*
Boy- omg are u ok??
Girl- ..................
Boy- sweetie!! Talk to me!!
Girl- I..........
Boy- u what?? U WHT???
girl- I have cancer and I’m on life support
Boy- ....................Breaks into tears......................
girl- they're taking me off 2night
Boy- y??
girl- I wanted 2 tell u but I couldn’t
Boy- y didn’t u tell me????
girl- I didn’t want 2 hurt u.
boy- u could never hurt me
girl- I just wanted 2 c if u felt bout me as the same i felt bout u.
Boy- ?
Girl- I love u more than anything, I would give u the world in a heartbeat. I would die for you and take a bullet for you.
Boy- ...........
girl- don’t be sad, I love u n ill always be here w/u
Boy- then y'd u break up w/me?
Nurse- young man, visiting hours are over.
BOY LEAVES, GIRL IS TAKEN OFF LIFE SUPPORT, AND DIES. But what the boy didn't know is that the girl only asked him those questions so she could hear him say it one last time, and she only broke up w/him because she knew she only had 3 more weeks to live, and thought it would cause him less pain and give him time to get over her before she died.
The boy is found dead with a gun in his hand..with a note in the other...
I told her I would take a bullet for her.... Just like she said she would die for me...

30 ways to make a girl smile
1. Tell her she is beautiful
2. Hold her hand at any moment . . . even if its just for a second.
3. Hug her from behind
4. Leave her voice messages to wake up to.
5. Wrestle with her :)
6. don't go hang out with you ex when shes not with you, you might not realize how badly it hurts her.
7. If youre talking to another girl, when you're done talking, walk over and hugh her and kiss her....let her know she's yours and they aren't.
8. Write her notes or call her just to say "hi"
9. Introduce her to your friends . . . as your girlfriend.
10. Play with her hair.
11. Get upset if another guy touches her and she doesn't like it
12. Make her laugh
13. Let her fall asleep in your arms.
14. If she's mad at you, kiss her.
15. If you care about her, then TELL HER
16. Every guy should give their girl 3 things: a stuffed animal(she'll hug it every time she goes to sleep), jewelry (she'll treasure it forever), and one of his t-shirts (she'll most likely wear it to bed) or sweatshirts sprayed with his cologne!! and flowers or something occasionally.
17. Treat her the same around your friends as you do when
you're alone.
18. Look her in the eyes and smile.
19. Hang out with her on weekends
20.Kiss her in the rain (girls love this)
21.Kiss her just for the heck of it
22. If your listening to music, let her listen too.
23. Remember her birthday and get her something, even if its simple and inexpensive, it came from YOU. it means all the world to HER.
24. when she gives you a present on your birthday, Christmas, or just whenever, take it and tell her you love it, even if you don't (it'll make her happy.)
25. Always call her when you say you will, it may not seem like it, but it does hurt her and makes her think you don't care so call even if you can only talk for a minute. Girls don't necessarily have to have hour long conversations every night but its nice for us to hear your voice even for a quick hello.
26. Give her what she wants
27. Recognize the small things . . . they usually mean the most.
28.dont hug her friends or your friends that are girls cause she'll feel left out.
29.hang out with her whenever you are free and u should be free to hang wit your girl friend all the time
30.If u care about her...SHOW her!

GIRL: Do I ever cross your mind?
GIRL: Do you like me?
GUY: Not really
GIRL: Do you want me?
GIRL: Would you cry if I left?
GIRL: Would you live for me?
GIRL: Would you do anything for me?
GUY: No way
GIRL: What would you choose: your life..or me?
GUY: My life
*The Girl runs away in shock and pain and the guy runs after her and says...*
GUY: The reason you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind. The reason why I don't like you is because I love you. The reason I don't want you is because I need you. The reason I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left. The reason I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you. The reason why I'm not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you. The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life!
*the guy puts a finger on her lips*
GUY: shh...don't speak.
*and then they kiss*

F~ You're ugly and you suck at life. Literally.
D~ You're an ass. Go jump off a cliff.
C- ~ You're just someone I don't want to talk to, okay?
C ~ You're okay looking, I guess, but definetly not the best.
C+ ~ You're, meh, the "average joe". Kind of boring yes?
B- ~ Hey you're kind of cool. You're kind of cute too.
B ~ You're cute. And you're a pretty interesting person.
B+ ~ Pretty damn attractive and cool too.
A- ~ You're extremely attractive, and you're awesome. Go you.
A ~ REALLY hot, I want you here now. Let's get it on.

Kissing: Artice#1

1. Kiss on the hand...i adore you
2. kiss on the cheek...i just wanna be friends
3. kiss on the neck...i want you
4. kiss on the lips...i love you
5. kiss on the ears... just playing
6. kiss anywhere else...dont get carried away
7 .look in my eyes...kiss me
8. playing with your hair... i cant live
without you
9. hand on your waist...i love you to much
to let you go


Guy"Can we have sex right now?"
Girl: "Can we do what?"
Guy: "You know, can I be your first, finally?"
Girl: ""
Guy: "Why?"
Girl: "Because, 1. you have a girlfriend, who happens to be my friend......."
Guy: "So, if you don't tell, I won' tell."
Girl: "Besides that, I'm waiting for someone special. Someone that I want to be with for the rest of my life to be my first."
Guy: "I'm not special to you?"
Girl: "You're my friend. That's all."
Guy: looks forward and keeps driving.

5 minutes pass.......

Guy: starts to run his hand up the girl's thigh.
Girl: moves his hand, "Don't touch me?"
Guy: tries to kiss her.
Girl: screams, "Would you stop."
Guy: continues trying.
Girl: moves to the back seat
Guy: parks on an abandoned street and gets in the backseat with the girl. Starts to kiss her.
Girl: pushes him off and scoots over, "Please, don't do this."
Guy: "Don't do what, I know you want it, I can see it in your eyes." Moves over to her and starts to unbutton her pants.
Girl: pushes him harder and says, "No, don't."
Guy: getting aggravated, punches her and tells her to stop "playing hard to get".
Girl: crying, continues to fight.
Guy: punches her harder, pulls her pants off, and holds her down.
Girl: screams as he penetrates her, "NO, please don't do this to me!"
Guy: puts his hand over her mouth.

An hour passes.........

Guy: pulls back and wipes himself off.
Girl: sits on the corner of the seat, sobbing.
Guy: looks at her and says, "You better not tell anybody about this. If you're really my friend, you won't tell anybody about this. You know I love you." He reaches out his hand to touch her cheek.
Girl: pulls back, "Just take me home, now."
Guy: says, "Alright." Gets in the front seat and drives her home.

2 months later.........

Girl: "Doctor, what's wrong with me. I haven't had my time of the month in 2 months."
Doctor: looks at her, "You haven't been having your "time" for a reason."
Girl: looks at him and says, "Why?" dreading the answer that she was sure to receive.
Doctor: "You are pregnant."
Girl: faints.

The story gets out that she is pregnant, and people start looking to the Guy. He claims that it isn't his because she was sleeping with every guy in the school(which was a lie). He goes to her and tells her, "I'm telling you, if you lie to people and say that I raped you, I'll kill you."
The Girl is completely devastated. First, he took her virginity and got her pregnant....then he lied about it. So completely depressed......the girl commits suicide by drug overdose.......
Girls, if this story touched you, repost it as "That's Fucked up"
Guys, if this story touched you, repost it as "I'll kill any fucker who does this to my girl or any girl

Kissing is a habit
Fucking is a game
Guys get all the pleasur
Girls get all the pain
The guy says i love you
You believe its true
But when your tummy starts to swell,
He says 'to hell with you'
10 minutes of pleasure
9 months in pain
3 days in hospital
A baby without a name
The baby is a bastard
The mother is a whore
This never wouldn't have happened
If the rubber wouldn't have torn.

NOW BOYS remember this!!!
12 Ways To Get To A Girls Heart--

1. Hugs her from behind.
2. Grab her hand when you guys walk next to each other.
3. When standing, wrap your arms around her.
4. Cuddle with her.
5. Dont force her to do ANYTHING!
6. Write little notes.well u dnt have to
7. Compliment her.
8. When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible.
9. Say I love you.....and MEAN IT!
10. Brush the hair out of her eyes
11. Comfort her when she cries.
12. Love her with all your heart

What would u do if:
1) If i committed suicide:
2) I said I liked you:
3) I kissed you:
4) I lived next door to you:
5) I started smoking:
6) I stole something:
7) I was hospitalized:
8) I ran away from home:
9) I got into a fight and you weren't there:
10) I cried:
11) I touched your butt:
12) I got dumped:
13) I pissed you off:

One night a guy & a girl were driving home from the movies. The boy sensed there was something wrong because of the painful silence they shared between them that night. The girl then asked the boy to pull over because she wanted to talk. She told him that her feelings had changed & that it was time to move on. A silent tear slid down his cheek as he slowly reached into his pocket & passed her a folded note. At that moment, a drunk driver was speeding down that very same street. He swerved right into the drivers seat, killing the boy. Miraculously, the girl survived. Remembering the note, she pulled it out & read it. "Without your love, I would die." REPOST IF YOU CARE ABOUT SOMEONE
[You may ask me four questions.
Any four, no matter how private or how random.
I have to answer them honestly,and I have to answer them
In turn you post this message in your own journal, wikki, or profile and you have to answer the questions that are
  asked of you!

Age: 18Year of birth: 1992Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 20

Gender: female

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: Canada - Ontario

Exact place of living: sudbury

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishFrench

Home-page URL: I love

Weblog URL: my baby

Favorite URL: 4ever

Skype Username: and ever

Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes

classicalnew agepop

Other interests

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

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