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black n red roses (They say they love us..ah we know the truth)

Member #23323 created: 2005-07-13 00:55:30Simple URL:   

Name: if i wanted you to know id tell

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Crazy kid


  hi im haley,

guys.....who needs 'em? they say they love us but we know the real truth.....they only love us tell someone hotter comes

things guys need to know about girls..
1- if your gonna say you love us then mean it dont just say it becuz you think it will make us happy.
2-jewlery and gurls dont ALWAYS work out.....most of the time jewlery is our best friend but not ALL gurls like jewlery...if she dont wear it..ask.
3- we are ALWAYS right.and if not DONT point it out
4- say you love us and MEAN it.
5- take her out to HER favorite place NOT yours.            


Year of birth: 1991

Gender: female

What do you do?: Working

Exact place of living: where ever that may be

Known languages

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

countrynew age

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 152

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