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Twizted_Soul (Just the monster you all think I am)

Member #2722 created: 2004-11-27 18:32:32Simple URL:   

Name: Dustin Rulo

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Why am I like this,
What did I do to you to deserve to be created like this?
I couldn't have done a thing to be one that you wish miserable.
This is no way
This is no life
This is just an excuse to ask why

I've hurt and been but if you look in then you get it.
You condemn me for what you have done
You condemn me because you can't get away
Can't get free
Can't get away from me and "the memories that haunt"

I'm not smart, not clever, not capable of your pitiful "art"
You lied just like me
Lied with me and lied about me.

Do not assume an authoritative existence since you are....
Are the one
Will be the one
Have been.....

MY mind talks to me in ways you used to make up for attention.
I'm not insulted or offended, only.......
My mind ignores me in ways that drive me.

You don't understand why, what, when or whatever
You only understand what makes you feel better...
Must be nice.

Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes

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